Review: ‘The Flash’ S02E07 – ‘Gorilla Warfare’

By November 18, 2015

On this week’s episode of The Flash, we learned that you really shouldn’t lie to your detective girlfriend, it’s hard pretending to be evil and sometimes a kiss is just a kiss, unless it leads to a vision. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Gorilla Warfare,’ shall we?

Barry is still reeling from the ass kicking that Zoom gave him in last week’s episode. While his body is healing at a remarkable rate (would we expect anything less?), it’s his psyche that’s taken the real beating. He’s beginning to doubt himself and his abilities in the wake of getting his ass handed to him. In order to get him out of his funk, Iris enlists the help of Henry, who makes a surprise appearance in Central City to aid his son.

Caitlin convinces Wells to not return to Earth-2 and try to stop Zoom, but to remain and help them. They then came up with a plan to close all of the breaches except the one at STAR labs, forcing Zoom into a trap. Problem is, they have no idea how to actually close the breaches. It’s something that Wells and Cisco will have to figure out together.

Meanwhile, while Barry’s playing ‘oh, woe is me!’, Gorilla Grodd has emerged from the sewers and hatched a nefarious plan to turn other gorillas into beings like him, so that he’s not alone. He’s unable to do it alone, however, so mind controls Caitlin to his lair. He won’t hurt her, and wants her to help him, because she was always so nice to him when he was being studied in the lab. Cisco and Harry come up with a rescue plan that involves the Earth-2 Dr. Wells to dress in an old Reverse Flash suit and pretend to be the dead Dr. Wells, the person that Grodd considers his father. Needless to say, Wells can’t pull it off, because he’s just too nice, but he does manage to buy everyone enough time to escape.

When Caitlin explains Grodd’s reasoning, Wells comes up with a plan to send him through one of the breaches to an isolated sanctuary on Earth-2, where lab gorillas have a habitat. They use The Flash as bait and lure Grodd to one of the breaches. Because Barry’s doubting himself, Grodd gets the upper hand and is going to crush Barry when Caitlin comes in and convinces him that she wants to help. She lures him to the spot and Cisco and Wells use the speed canon to get him through the breech. Grodd is strong, though, and resists, almost breaking free. Henry convinces Barry to do what has to be done and tells him that he believes in him, causing Barry to use his speed to knock Grodd through the portal.

During the wrap up, Barry and Henry spend a little time together before Henry leaves, leaving Joe with wished for a son. Iris, knowing that Wally is out there somewhere, keeps quiet on the matter. Patty doesn’t buy Barry’s excuses about being sick and is getting suspicious about her boyfriend. And Cisco finally goes on a date with Kendra, only to see a vision of Hawkgirl when they kiss.

Okay, so, I liked this episode, but I didn’t completely love it. I’m glad that the supporting cast got a chance to shine, especially Tom Cavanaugh, who was spectacular as Harry, trying to pretend he was the evil Eobard Thawne. Problem is, this episode kind of just felt like filler. I get that not every episode is going to be about Zoom and the main story arc, but after last week’s stellar outing, this just fell kind of flat for me.

And seriously, how huge is it going to be when Zoom is revealed to be Earth-2’s Henry Allan? Okay, so that’s just speculation on my part, but it’s what makes the most sense, and what’s going to have the biggest impact on the characters and this universe. Barry had already faced off against his mentor, so now the only way to up that game is to force him to face his father. Or at least a version of him. While there are definitely other choices for Zoom’s alter ego, I don’t think anything will be quite the gut-punch as a Henry Allan reveal. All right, a Joe reveal would be pretty spectacular too.

And speaking of reveals, while I’m excited for Legends Of Tomorrow, I will be glad when the set up and exposition for the series is over. Although the Hawkgirl stuff has been less in your face than others, I’m still over it. I’ve been thinking, that while LoT is an interesting idea, I think The CW missed the mark, because I think a series based on the interesting and intriguing Earth-2 and its cast of characters, may have been a better choice. I guess we’ll have to see what LoT brings to the table.

Overall, this episode was good, especially considering it wasn’t a typical villain of the week like we’ve been seeing recently. At least Grodd was a returning character. And seriously, you know he’s so taking over that sanctuary and possibly the world, if he gets the chance. That’s the story I want to see!

The Flash airs on Tuesday nights on The CW.

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