Review: ‘The Flash’ S02E10 – ‘Potential Energy’

By January 20, 2016

On this week’s episode of The Flash, we learned that champagne tastes better from a beaker, Wally needs to chill the hell out and Patty really needs to work on her detecting skills. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Potential Energy,’ shall we?

This episode opens with a date gone wrong when Zoom speeds in and nabs Patty. As Barry watches helpless, Zoom throws Patty off the roof and she falls to her death. Okay, not really. Barry’s just having nightmares, but let’s face it, it’s totally possible. Barry’s behavior is troubling to Patty and she seeks out Iris for some advice. Iris tells her that Barry is kind of guarded and insists that, if she wants answers, she really should speak to Barry about her concerns. Iris tells Barry that Patty has concerns about their relationship and his attitude and advises him that he can’t keep Patty in the dark forever. He decides that he’s going to tell Patty the truth about him being the Flash because he really cares about her and wants to be honest with her. Harry is the only one who tries to talk Barry out of it, stating that if Zoom finds out how much Barry cares, he’ll use it against Barry in a heartbeat.

In the meantime, Harry is still trying to figure out a way to make Barry go faster so that Zoom can steal the speed and let Jessie go. Cisco convinces Harry that they’re thinking about it the wrong way. They shouldn’t be trying to make Barry faster, bust should instead be looking for a way to slow Zoom down. And Cisco’s got just the thing. Turtle, one of the meta-humans that he’s had his eye on can somehow manipulate the kinetic energy of his surroundings, virtually stopping everyone around him, while he is able to move about freely. He has been using this power to steal from the citizens of Central City. The group sets a trap for him at the museum during a gala. Barry decides to use the outing to tell Patty the truth. Before he can, however, Turtle shows up and Barry disappears. Somehow Patty, who brought her gun with her, manages to get herself in trouble. Instead of grabbing Turtle, the Flash uses his powers to save Patty. Turtle puts two and two together (maybe Patty should take some notes) and realizes Patty means something to the Flash, so he ‘steals’ her and attempts to add her to his collection. The Flash manages to save her by using his speed and determination to incapacitate the meta-human.

In the I don’t care department, Joe tries to make Wally feel welcome and do the whole, one big, happy family thing, but Wally pushes him away. Turns out, the only reason Wally is even in Central City is because he was a street racer, using the proceeds to pay for his mom’s medical bills. He’s a jerk to Joe, blaming him for not being around, even though Francine never told him she was pregnant. I guess he was supposed to be a mind reader and stuff, but you know, whatever. In the end, Joe apologizes for pushing so hard and the two sit down and have dinner together.

As the episode draws to a close, we learn that Jay (who has suddenly reappeared and seems to be fine with everything now) is dying and the only thing that can save him is getting his speed back from Zoom. Patty has been accepted to a forensics program and is leaving Central City and Harry will stop at nothing to make sure Jessie is freed. He kills Turtle in order to extract some of his brain tissue, so he can use it to develop something to stop Zoom. Just before we fade to black, the Reverse Flash (presumably the Earth-2’s Eobard Thawne) speeds into Central City.

Okay, so this episode was okay. Much like the mid-season finale, this mid-season premiere didn’t really do anything to get me excited. I like Barry and Patty together, so it’s a disappointment that it seems to be ending so quickly. I know that that’s probably not how things are going to play out, but I was hoping we would be beyond the whole ‘my secret identity is keeping us apart’ thing. I guess there’s a reason

that it’s a tried and true trope. And speaking of relationships, while I love Jay and Caitlin, how could she possibly talk about it taking a long time to get over Ronnie’s death? I honestly don’t think it’s even been a year since he died. Anyway, I’m glad that Jay is getting a bit more of a storyline, as I really like Teddy Sears and find the character intriguing. Hopefully we don’t get too much more of the maudlin Jay and he gets his powers back ASAP.

And seriously, how much do you love Harry and his quest to save his daughter? I love characters with morally ambiguous ambitions and Tom Cavanagh just does it so well, it’s hard not to be on his side. Even when you know what he’s doing is wrong. At least his motivations as this incarnation of Harrison Wells are founded. The addition of Eobard Thawne into the mix is going to throw a whole new dynamic into the mix, which is going to be a good thing. I think the series needs a little something to kick it up a notch. While the last couple of episodes since the crossover haven’t been bad, they haven’t blown my socks off, either. Here’s hoping that the addition of a new, old foe brings a little spark to the proceedings.

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