Review: ‘The Flash’ S02E15 – “King Shark”

By February 24, 2016

On this week’s episode of The Flash, we learned that you need big shoulders to be a superhero, poor circulation makes Cisco jumpy and whatever it is you think you thought, it isn’t true. Let’s take a closer look at “King Shark,” shall we?

This week’s episode begins where last week’s left off, with Jay having been basically killed and then pulled through the breach by Zoom. Caitlin has a bit of a meltdown, which is understandable, given that he’s her second beau to perish in less than a year. At what point do you consider yourself a jinx? Barry tries to get Harry to open the portal again, but Harry informs them all that it’s impossible. What they used to close them means they’re closed for good. Barry, Cisco and Harry decide that it’s best to not mention or even think about Earth-2 and its inhabitants. Treat it like it doesn’t exist. It seems to be easier said than done for some.

In the meantime, it seems that ARGUS somehow managed to capture King Shark after Barry’s last run-in with the meta-human. Shockingly enough, he manages to escape, just as Lila and a disbelieving Diggle are touring the facilities. Seems that Amanda Waller had all kinds of interesting projects on the go. When Dig and Lila go to tell Barry, we get an amazing Jaws reference from Cisco. I would expect nothing less. Barry decides he’s done and puts together a plan to go after King Shark before the meta can attack first. Realizing he needs to stay near the water, in order to re-oxygenate his blood, they scour the waterfront. They manage to locate him, but the two officers that do the finding aren’t so lucky, because he eats them.

In the introspective and moody department, Barry is having a hard time forgetting what happened and has become distant. When Joe suggests he get to know Wally a little better, it doesn’t really go well. Jealousy and pettiness run rampant, at least until King Shark shows up looking for the Flash. When Barry, who goes and dons his Flash gear, tells KS that the breaches are closed and he can’t get home, he runs off. As Iris and Joe clean up, Wally accuses Barry of being a coward because he disappeared during the attack. In a huff, Wally runs off (could someone please slap that kid?) and Barry asks that they not talk him up so much in front of Wally. Unable to handle the emotions, Barry finally confesses to what happened on Earth-2 and the fact that he feels guilty about everything that’s happened, including leaving an entire world to Zoom’s mercy.

Caitlin is also having trouble adjusting. She’s angry and detached and Cisco is afraid that she’s giving in to her Killer Frost tendencies. When she and Cisco go to see Earth-1’s King Shark’s widow (this one didn’t survive the particle accelerator), Caitlin turns on the bitchiness, but when Cisco calls her out on it, she informs him that he’s been treating her differently since his return from the other dimension. He accidentally lets it slip about Killer Frost, but Caitlin reassures him that she’s not a meta-human.

Caitlin, the smarty pants that she is, figures out a way to locate him, while Harry and Jessie work on the practical application. A little father-daughter bonding time. And the Jaws references continue, much to my amusement. They set a trap for him, using a fake Flash as a lure and attempt to reel him in when he bites. Shockingly enough, that doesn’t work. And the fight is on. Barry lures KS out into the water and, using his speed he creates a vortex and electrifies the water. King Shark is unable to get out of the vortex and Barry zaps him with more electricity, knocking him unconscious. Lila vows that ARGUS’s plan to turn him into a weapon are done and that maybe they’ll try to figure out a way to cure him.

As the episode comes to a close, Diggle tells Barry to basically let it go and not let everything that’s happened tear him down. Joe explains his relationship with Barry and everything he’s gone through, with Wally, but also tells him that he has nothing to be jealous about. Caitlin pranks Cisco into thinking she’s turning into Killer Frost, but once again reassures him that she isn’t now and never will be a meta-human. Barry then gathers everyone around to apologize for everything that’s happened and vows to find a way to get back through the breach and stop Zoom. As we cut to a shot of Zoom’s lair on Earth-2, the big bad finally removes his mask and we learn his identity. Zoom is Jay Garrick!

the flash king shark review

Holy crap! That’s all I can say about that. I thought that this was a really good episode, for once again being mostly filler. First off, though, we’ve got to give a shout out to the special effects team on this one. Sometimes the CG on this show can be a little spotty (and not just here, but on the other CW shows, too), but tonight it was out of this world. I thought that they did a bang up job on King Shark. He was frightening and menacing and looked incredible. Kudos on that one.

As to the rest of the episode, I thought it was pretty solid. I like that the effects of inter-dimensional travel are affecting all those involved. While I’m not sure that ignoring what happened on Earth-2 is the way to go, I get the reasoning behind it. And why it would be difficult to not blurt out everything you learned while over there. I also love the fact that Diggle called Barry out for basically turning into Oliver by bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders. It’s good motivation, however, so I can see why the writers have chosen this path. And we all know that they’re going to find a way back to Earth-2 before the end of the season, right? Isn’t that the point of Jessie and Harry, two of the smartest people ever, working together? I’m still not a really big fan of Wally, although I am glad that Joe explained Barry’s background to him. Maybe now he can let go of the jealousy and crap, you know, actually be useful. I’m still curious to see if they are eventually going to give him the speed force or not. I guess you don’t actually introduce the character if you’re not going to capitalize on it. Does that go the same for Jessie? It’ll be interesting to see how far they take it.

And that ending? I mean, I can’t say that I saw that coming, like at all! I was convinced that Zoom was actually Earth-2’s Henry Allen, that they’ve totally thrown me a curve ball. So, if Zoom is actually Jay Garrick, then who the hell was that other jay Garrick? The one that Caitlin was in love with? And who the hell is the mystery prisoner? He obviously knew that Jay is actually Zoom, but he wasn’t able to tell Barry. My money is still on him being Wally, although we all know how good my track record is, so take that as you will.

Overall, I think that this was a well-executed and interesting episode. Although it didn’t involve our main antagonist at the forefront, it still managed to move the overall story arc along. I’m still in shock about that ending. It’s going to be a long four weeks, that’s for sure.

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