Review: ‘The Walking Dead’ S06E15 – “East”

By March 28, 2016

On this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, we learned that sewing skills are essential in the apocalypse, you shouldn’t let your horse wander off and you really should never let anyone that steals your crossbow survive. Let’s take a closer look at “East,” shall we?

This week’s episode opens with what we can assume is a touch of a flashback, which shows Carol getting ready to leave Alexandria. She and her hunny share a moment and then in the early hours she sneaks away. It’s business as usual for everyone else, although we get a hint at Lucille when Carl picks up one of the Savior’s guns and a baseball bat is carved into the handle. There’s also a moment with Maggie and Glen in the shower when he sees all of her bruises and a bit of an awkward one when Abraham and Sasha share a moment as Rosita looks on. We then get a bit of the Rick and Michonne romance as the two of them wake up together. The mood turns a little speculative as they talk about what’s coming and how they’re going to defend Alexandria from it. They realize they have something good here and they are going to fight tooth and nail for it.

Fortification and defense plans for Alexandria are a go, with everyone pitching in. Daryl jumps on his bike and heads out and everyone kinda flips out, before Glen, Michonne and Rosita give chase. Rosita knows where he’s going and it’s most likely out to end the group from last week, the one led by Dwight from the burned forest. Rosita takes them to the spot where Denise was killed, but no Daryl. When Rosita suggests that they let him do what he’s going to do, Glen says no, because all he’s going to do is get himself killed. They catch up with him and try to talk him into going home, so they can figure out a plan, but Daryl refuses, blaming himself for letting Dwight get away. Rosita heads off with him and Glen and Michonne head back. On the way, Dwight and his crew come out of nowhere and capture them.

Carol, in one of the spiked cars from just outside the settlement, is headed down the road when she comes across a pickup truck full of men. They shoot her tires out, forcing her to stop and then grill her about where she’s from and how she’s survived. She lies to them, telling them she’s not from anywhere and she’s not going anywhere. They don’t believe her and speculate that she’s probably from Alexandria. As it happens, they were just on their way there and figure that if they have her with them, she’ll be their ticket inside the walls. Carol has another panic attack and tells them to just turn around, it doesn’t have to be this way. When they refuse to listen, she kills them. And can I get a halleluiah that not all sense has left her? But not everyone was killed, and one of the guys in the cab of the truck was only wounded and passed out.

In the meantime, word gets out that Carol is MIA and Morgan and Rick head out after her. In the car, Rick confronts Morgan about why he’s doing this. Morgan gives him some story about it pulling him down and blah, blah, blah When Rick suggest that it won’t pull him down, Morgan contradicts him and say that it will, because he knows Rick. Umm, yeah, okay. Because you weren’t crazy bonkers a season and a half ago or anything. They come across the scene of the crime and realize that the guys that accosted Carol were Saviors. Rick (like the rest of us) says that he’s proud of her, because she took them out because she had to in order to survive. They find a trail of blood and follow it, hoping it will lead them to her. This gives them time to chat, because that’s gone so well in the past, and Morgan brings up Carol’s banishment from the prison and whether or not, if it was today, would he have killed her. Rick defends her actions, saying that she did the right thing. This gives Morgan the opportunity to hammer home his point that people can change. They end up at a farm and across a mysterious guy and some zombies. As they’re attacked by the aforementioned zombies, the guy runs away. When Rick goes to shoot him, Morgan knocks Rick’s arm so he misses the shot. When Rick says that he doesn’t take chances, Morgan confesses to holding Wolf. And we get another long, drawn out story about the circle of life and all life being precious and once again, blah, blah, blah. Morgan then insists that Rick is needed back at Alexandria and that he will search for Carol alone. He then makes Rick promise that, if he doesn’t return, Rick won’t come looking for him.

As the episode comes to a close, Rick heads back to Alexandria and let’s Abraham know that Morgan is still out there looking. He asks after Michonne, but she’s still out there, too. The two bond over their new loves and their desire to keep everyone safe. Maggie gets Enid to give her a haircut and then starts having some serious abdominal pain. Glen and Michonne are tied up in Dwight’s camp, but when Daryl and Rosita show up, they get caught as well. The episode ends with Dwight taking a shot at Daryl and the camera splattering with blood, before he says, ‘he’ll be alright.’

walking dead east 2

Umm, okay, so what the hell was that? Not that I think they would actually kill off Daryl, but the fact that they’ve still managed to injure him does not make me happy. This whole Savior thing is making me extremely nervous, because, unlike a lot of people, I don’t want anyone else to die. I like the group, especially the core, and I’m at the point that I honestly don’t want to lose any of them. I realize that that is awfully naïve, but hey, I’m all about the happily ever after (I write romance novels, for goodness sake!) and I don’t deal too well with change. So sue me!

As to this whole Carol thing, I’m not digging it. I get that this life would take a toll, but it just seems like a real one-eighty for her character. And did she honestly think that no one was going to come after her? How long has she known these people? I guess I just don’t see the point in the whole thing. And don’t get me started with Morgan and his all life is precious spiel. He’s lived in this apocalypse the same as everyone else and knows what’s out there.

Yeah, sure, Wolf changed his tune before Carol blew him away, but that was only because of Denise, who never would have been in the situation in the first place had Morgan just killed the guy from the beginning. And, just because Wolf did one slightly heroic thing, doesn’t mean that he would be forever changed. I think that Morgan is in for a real eye-opener when he comes across Negan and his band of not so merry men. Wonder if he’s going to get an up and close introduction to Lucille when all is said and done?

Overall, this was an interesting episode, that’s leading to something huge… and something that I don’t want to see. As I’ve mentioned before, I haven’t read the comic books, but I know all about Negan and his introduction into this world. And it makes me so damn nervous for next week, I can’t even. It’s now the beginning of the end and I don’t want it happen. At all.

The Walking Dead airs every Sunday night on AMC.

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  • Wavesolo10

    Nope, I don’t agree with you on this one. The show needs to grow some balls and show that the A team is not invincible. Make the world seem like it is a place filled with danger and that ANYONE can die at anytime.

  • ChristianMagana

    Daryl or Glenn or both are gonna get their heads smashed. Not morgan lol. He’s not captured like they both are by Negans right hand man. So if we’re going to see someonr get their head smashed. It’d be one of them too. Not to mentioned they killed a ton of the Saviors. Especially Daryl. He gone be joining his brother merle. Both getting killed by the main villain of the seasons.

  • Soheyl Sheikh

    Morgan is a prick

  • Deep Thinker

    Morgan is the key to the whole show. The whole ‘kill everyone on first sight’ approach that the entire world seems to have adopted is unsustainable. There needs to be a renewal. I really hope that the end game between Negan and Rick’s group is the negotiation table. The show needs them to join forces, rather than have yet another fight to the death. Right now, Negan and Rick’s band are exactly the same – they are for the most part good people that have adapted to a truly dog-eat-dog world. They have no real reason to fight each other – they are not looking at territorial acquisition. The only viable outcome is co-existence. Otherwise, the entire show is fast approaching stagnation and predictability – a bunch of deaths, a bunch of new characters being introduced, and then we go over it all over again.