‘Road House’ Remake Finds a Surprising Writer & Director

By October 12, 2015

There are a lot of strange and obscure (almost unnecessary some would argue) reboots, remakes, and “reimaginings” of different movie properties in development right now. However, there are few that come across as more strange than the Ronda Rousey-led remake of the 1980s cult classic action film, Road House. It’s not the fact that Rousey will be playing a gender-swapped version of Patrick Swayze’s character from the original (we assume at least) that makes the project strange though, as much as it’s very existence just doesn’t make much sense. Sure, Road House is a cheesy, beloved 1980s over-the-top action flick, but it’s not a property that has a lot of room to mine stories from.

In her defense, Rousey has shown respect for the sanctity of Swayze’s performance in the film before she signed on to lead the project, and everyone in the world knows that she could kick almost anyone’s ass when she wanted to, how she wanted to. So the idea of her being a highly-skilled bouncer makes sense in a way too, but the whole project just seems sort of desperate, like Hollywood is literally scraping the bottom of the barrel to remake this movie. That could just be me.

Variety is reporting that the film has officially found its writer and director and in case you weren’t already confused enough – Nick Cassavetes will reportedly be at the helm of the remake. The report states that Cassavetes knack for writing from a woman’s point of view is what ultimately won him the gig, through his previous films like The Notebook and The Other Woman. Rousey is currently training for her UFC Championship match against Holly Holm on November 14th, but shooting for the film is said to get right underway following the fight with a fast-tracked shoot in early 2016.

Listen, Cassavetes is a strong and talented filmmaker, and I wouldn’t dare try to take that away from him, but him directing this Road House remake comes even farther out of left field than the original announcement. I’m holding out hope that the remake ends up surprising me in some interesting and bad ass ways though, and if they can find a way to give Rousey her own kind of “throat rip” moment like from the original without blatantly ripping the film off, then I might be able to give it some more credit.

Rousey has never quite impressed me with her acting chops up to this point. And while Road House certainly doesn’t call for an Oscar-worthy turn on camera, Swayze was able to bring some charm and charisma to Dalton that will be near impossible to duplicate. Will Rousey be one of the few out there right now capable of doing it?

The Road House remake is currently in development.

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