Robbie Amell Joins The CW’s ‘The Flash’ as Firestorm

By July 9, 2014

Looks like The CW is keeping it all in the family as “Arrow” star Stephen Amell’s cousin Robbie (“The Tomorrow People”) has joined the cast of “The Flash” as…

Firestorm 1


(Well, half of him at any rate.)

According to THR, Amell will begin his run as Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm in episode 3, where Raymond works as a maintenance worker at S.T.A.R. Labs and “plays an integral part in the particle accelerator accident that transforms Barry Allen into The Flash.”

Executive producer Greg Berlanti (who also sat as exec producer on Amell’s “The Tomorrow People”) says this is a major recurring role and that “[Executive producers] Geoff Johns, Andrew Kreisberg and I designed the pilot and series to include Ronnie (aka Firestorm) — and to actually have someone with Robbie’s talent playing the role is beyond exciting. We can’t wait for viewers and fans of the character to check it out!”

Amell’s also pumped to be back on the network, saying, “I’m so excited to join forces with Greg Berlanti and The CW again on ‘The Flash.’ Being brought into the DC Universe is a dream, I can’t wait to get started!”

That’s all super great…but I have ONE tiny question that keeps (pardon the pun) running through my mind.

In the comics, the origins of Firestorm began when high school student Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein (a Nobel Prize-winning physicist) found they were able to fuse themselves into Firestorm after a nuclear accident. Since there’s no mention of Stein in that article, what happens there?

Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch from 2004 revival of Firestorm (DC Comics)

Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch from 2004 revival of Firestorm

As far as I know, Firestorm only works when two (and in a certain timeline, three) people fuse together, but I’m guessing they’re either taking the angle that because Stein was knocked out during the accident – therefore leaving Raymond in command of Firestorm’s body while Stein acts as the “voice of reason” in Raymond’s head – Stein will either be just a voice OR they’re still trying to cast the role of Martin Stein.

I guess we’ll either find out at San Diego Comic-Con or when “The Flash” races to your screen this October 7th at 8 p.m only on The CW.

But until then, who would YOU like to see play Martin Stein?

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