Robert De Niro in Talks to Join Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Joy’

By November 11, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for her role in David O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook, so it stands to reason she’d be interested in working with him again. That’s about to happen in a new movie called Joy, in which Lawrence will play Joy Mangano, the inventor of the “Miracle Mop” (you know, the one that you can squeeze the water out of without getting your hands wet). Mangano went from a broke, single mother of three to a QVC star with her inventions, with the Miracle Mop being the one that put her on the map.

As we head closer to production – the film is slated to start shooting in early 2015 – casting is heating up, and THR reports that Robert De Niro is in talks to join the film in the role of Mangano’s father. His deal is apparently contingent on Lawrence’s deal going through (which is fully expected to happen), which says a lot about what De Niro thinks of the starlet. But that’s not the only Silver Linings Playbook reunion in the works: Russell himself told Omaha Go (via The Playlist) that he’s writing a role for Bradley Cooper, should he be interested in taking it. Toss in Jacki Weaver, and it sounds like Russell’s trying to get the whole band back together.

Either way, it sounds good to us. Silver Linings Playbook was very enjoyable, and even if Cooper doesn’t end up making an appearance here, it’ll still be cool to see one of the big screen’s living legends act opposite one of Hollywood’s hottest stars once again.

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