Robert Downey Jr. In Talks to Star in HBO Show From ‘True Detective’ Creator

By August 16, 2016

After the first season of True Detective, creator Nic Pizzolatto was one of the most exciting names in the entertainment industry at the time. Following a disappointing second season from the HBO series though, it seemed like both his excitement towards the show and the network’s decreased enormously, with the writer apparently pursuing other projects at the network, while a third season of True Detective wasn’t necessarily off the table, but didn’t seem to be the priority some might have thought it to be initially.

It looks like we finally know what one of Pizzolatto’s other projects may be though, and it could involve one of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now.

Variety is reporting that Pizzolatto may be writing and executive producing a reboot of Perry Mason at HBO with Robert Downey Jr. set to star, the project itself being a passion project of the actor’s, who has been trying to get it made for years now as a film, though he and his creative team seemed more interested in pursuing it as a TV series after the financial and critical disappointment that The Judge ended up being.

The reboot, which has apparently been in the works at HBO since May, would be Downey Jr.’s first starring television role since his Ally McBeal days in the early 2000s, and would just add his name to the growing roster of A-list Hollywood stars who have been making the transition to the small screen over the past few years as well.

Starring Raymond Burr in the titular role, Perry Mason followed a premiere defense attorney who had a knack for taking on seemingly-impossible cases, and with the help of his secretary and an investigator, would always manage to use his impressive skills to get the real criminals to admit their guilt, often on the stand in the courtroom.

If you think that sounds like something that Downey Jr., basically a living embodiment of charisma, could knock out of the park onscreen too – then you’d be right.

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