Robert Downey Jr. Joins The “Give Black Widow A Movie” Debate

By September 3, 2014

It seems like EVERYone has something to say about whether or not Marvel’s Black Widow should get a standalone movie, including Tony Stark himself – Robert Downey Jr.

RDJ’s been quite the Chatty Cathy as of late while promoting his latest film, The Judge, and when USA Today asked him about the ongoing Black Widow debate, he had some thoughts on that and the importance of the female characters in the Marvel universe.

I think that the interesting thing particularly after Guardians with Zoe (Saldana), (or) even from the first Iron Man where Pepper was kind of this really – to me the Iron Man franchise would never have taken off without (Gwyneth) Paltrow. There’s something about her that grounded the story. She’s not your typical lady in a superhero movie, and then by Iron Man 3 she’s swallowing serums and putting on suits and kicking (butt) and all that stuff.


RDJ then added that “it would be kind of more appropriate for a character that already was like a Black Widow (to lead a movie). It just seems like whatever Scarlett does people want to go see it,” and that even Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) should get his own film.

The funny thing is honestly at this point everyone deserves a franchise. I think Jeremy Renner is — when folks see the Avengers: Age of Ultron he’s just a rockstar, a badass. And Ruffalo is pumped. He does great (work). I’d like to hear them talk even more seriously about a Hulk franchise, because that’s been one of the toughest ones to get right. But I’m sure that my parent company is feeling expansive and and bold after the summer they’ve had.

Pardon me while I put on my “devil’s advocate” horns for couple seconds.

Now I LOVE my RDJ and love when he speaks on virtually any subject – he recently decreed this summer’s runaway box office smash Guardians of The Galaxy as “The best Marvel movie EVER” – BUT I’m not so sure about this whole “give Black Widow a standalone” movement. While I WHOLLY agree there SHOULD be (and should’ve happened already) a Marvel film focused on one of their female characters, I’m not so sure I’d want it to be Black Widow – but then again, it could be because I’m a little over ScarJo at the moment.


Or it could be that I’d rather see another Marvel female like Ms. Marvel (above) in a film; her history in the universe is so incredibly rich that I don’t know WHY Marvel hasn’t brought her to the forefront yet.

But hey, that’s just me. What about you? Where do you stand in the “Black Widow standalone film” debate?

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  • Lil Dragon

    Why can’t we have both a Ms. Marvel and a Black Widow movie? I would like to see a stand-alone BW movie but she has had such prominent roles in the movies she has been in that I don’t know if its as big of a deal as a stand-alone from Ms. Marvel would be. (and why did you use that terrible picture of Ms. Marvel. Its the worst I think I have ever seen.)

  • 420leanin

    gotta love women in a superhero/villain costume…