Robert Kirkman Describes ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 in One Word

By September 16, 2016

Even despite an exciting SDCC trailer earlier this summer, there’s still a fair amount of skepticism from the fans surrounding The Walking Dead‘s upcoming seventh season, following a finale cliffhanger that not only disappointed a majority of viewers, but also to many, felt like a betrayal of their trust and the show’s reliability to tell gimmick-free storytelling. Basically, the premiere episode is going to have to be truly extraordinary in order to win most viewers back again.

The show’s creative team and cast have stuck to their guns, almost to a fault, over the past several months since the finale’s airing, and with less than two months to go until the show’s return as well, it’s clear that AMC is going to start the hype train again sometime soon.

Speaking with EW as well, creator Robert Kirkman was asked to describe the new season with one word, and he’s certainly not holding back:

“I mean, the word is epic. The show is expanding. We’re introducing the Kingdom, we already have the Hilltop, we’re going to be exploring more of the Saviors and the Sanctuary that they live in and more of what goes on around Negan, what his average daily life is, which is extremely interesting.”

He continued, teasing the new season’s large expansion of The Walking Dead‘s world and lineup of characters/groups:

“What we’re finding is there’s a lot of civilization out there. There are smaller groups here and there that actually have been thriving and it gets to be a little exciting because we’re going to be seeing how they’ve been surviving, and a lot of them have been getting by in a much different way than Rick and his group. So we’re meeting these people that have lived in this apocalyptic situation for as long as Rick Grimes and his crew, who we’ve been following since day one, but we haven’t seen their evolution and their progression. And so some of them grow to be like Negan’s group, some of them grow to be like Ezekiel’s group, some of them grow to be like Gregory’s group at the Hilltop, and the differences between these groups, and their ways of life, is going to be a lot of fun to explore this season.”

Even more than Negan’s role in the new season, with the excitement surrounding the character being tempered ever since the season six finale, I think what a lot of fans are looking forward to the most in the new season is the introduction of The Kingdom, Ezekiel, and his tiger, Shiva.

There’s not much else to say about the show that hasn’t already been said this summer either, so I guess, we can just sit back and hope that Ezekiel’s introduction isn’t quite as divisive as Negan’s was.

The Walking Dead season seven will premiere on AMC on October 23rd.

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  • David Johnson

    I’ll wait until the reviews come out on Monday as to whether i want to watch any more twd. I didn’t even watch 1/2 of season 6 & don’t ever plan to go back to watch it.