Ronda Rousey Pitches Taking On Captain Marvel With Fan Art

By August 17, 2015

UFC Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey is on a quest for domination. After yet another recent quick victory and news that she’s developing her autobiography into a feature film, she’s now recently made it known that she wants to step into a superheroic role for the current champions of the genre on film: Marvel Studios.

In a recent Reddit AMA, Rousey was asked about which superhero she’d like to play if given the chance. Her answer was pretty decisive, though. She said,

Well… a lot of the good ones have been taken, but I’d like to vie for Miss Marvel.

Ms. Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, is actually currently known in the comics as Captain Marvel, which Marvel Studios is actively developing into a film for release in 2018. While the film has recently seemed to acquire a new screenwriting duo created out of the writers of both Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out and the studio’s own Guardians of the Galaxy, the studio has yet to find both a director and a leading lady to push the film forward at a brisker pace.

Rousey, though, has taken her lobbying for the part a step further via her Instagram account, where she posted fan-created art centered around the dominant fighter in the guises of both the Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel identities of Carol Danvers. See her post below.

The images, coupled with the captions expressing both her appreciation to the artists who created the images as well as reiterating her own enthusiasm for the role, seem similar to another celebrity who is grasping at a currently-vacant superhero role: Tyrese posted similar images in his ongoing bid to become Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s newest cinematic Green Lantern.

 Still, considering Rousey’s current prevalence and a burgeoning film career, it’s not as unlikely as one might think that she could come under consideration to take up the role of Captain Marvel. It would be hard to find another performer who sends such a clear message about the character’s strength, which comics fans know that Carol Danvers has in spades. Whether or not anything comes of Rousey’s lobbying efforts is anyone’s guess, but it seems more than a little likely that these images and Rousey’s apparent enthusiasm for the part have turned a couple of heads at Disney and Marvel Studios.

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