RUMOR: Bryan Cranston Could Be Up for Villain Role in ‘Star Trek 3’

By February 3, 2015

For a lot of fans, there are quite a few hopes for the future of the Star Trek film series resting on the upcoming third film, directed by Justin Lin and releasing in the fiftieth anniversary year of the franchise. As in most big franchise films, one of the biggest roles to be filled is the antagonist, a role filled in this iteration of the franchise first by Eric Bana as the malevolent Romulan Nero in the 2009 film, and then by Benedict Cumberbatch as the iconic Khan Noonien Singh in Star Trek Into Darkness. Now, a new rumor may have given an idea as to who could fill that role next, but be warned: it would likely be safest if you took this with a Praxis-sized grain of salt.

According to Film Divider, the new film calls for a “Bryan Cranston-like” villain, with apparent discussions happening between Cranston himself and Paramount Pictures for an appearance in the film. They say, “we don’t know just yet if he said yes, or if this is an all-new character or somebody from continuity, but because they’re shooting for Cranston we at least know the filmmakers want to bring the intensity.”

The report also claims that Dr. McCoy’s ex-wife will be a featured character in the story, as well as the President of the United Federation of Planets as well as a fellow Starfleet captain being described as “Kirk’s match.”

Cranston would certainly be an asset to any cast he’s included in, and this hasn’t been the first instance of his name being rumored for a geek-related production. His name was constantly brought up as a possibility for the role of Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice almost up until the minute that Jesse Eisenberg’s casting came out of left field, and his possible addition to the cast of a Star Trek film is an exciting possibility.

Still, this source is tenuous at best, with no other external confirmation. But, it’s definitely an enticing rumor for fans of Cranston and of the franchise. For more on this possibility as it develops (or doesn’t), be sure to keep an eye on GeekNation!

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Chris Clow
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