Rumor Control: Max Landis Is Not Writing ‘Ghostbusters 3’

By June 18, 2014

Another day, another insane rumor about Ghostbusters 3 that doesn’t lead anywhere at all. Will this movie ever be made? Should it? It is just…a ghost? (Sorry.) The latest rumor — one that was quite impressively debunked within mere hours of it being posted — holds that Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis has been brought in to polish up the script. Not true.

Nikki Finke posted the story on her eponymous new site last night around 8PM Pacific Time, although she’s now scrubbed it from her site entirely (if you’re familiar with Finke’s style back when she owned and operated Deadline without corporate oversight, you know this is a regular occurrence for her, despite the fact that nothing is ever truly erased from the Internet), clearly in response to her claims being totally disproven by the very person they were actually about. Still, you can see the original link here, and /Film quotes her in their post on the subject:

I’ve just heard that screenwriter Max Landis (Chronicle) is working on a new draft for Ghostbusters 3 with a three-week turnaround. Landis, of course, is the son of director John Landis and costume designer/historian Deborah Nadoolman Landis. “Landis probably is doing more of a ‘polish’ than a Page 1 rewrite,” says one source. “Not huge changes, but could be cool,” another tells me.


Soon after, Landis himself took to his Twitter, where he said a whole mess of stuff (including posting some funny pictures and riffing on the most iconic lines from the Ghostbusters franchise), though the meat of which is simple: he’s not working on Ghostbusters 3, and any possibility of that happening may have been ruined by Finke’s report.

Hey guys, it pains me to say this, but you know I pride myself on being straight up person. Zero truth to the Ghostbusters report.

— Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) June 18, 2014

Frankenstein, Me Him Her, American Ultra and Mr. Right come out next year. Working on things at Uni and Sony, and indies. GB3, sadly, no.

— Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) June 18, 2014

What might have happened is they saw the rad Frankenstein thing and my name was brought up, but it being reported has probably fucked me

— Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) June 18, 2014

(If it was ever real at all) (which it might have been) (I hope)

— Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) June 18, 2014

Landis is unquestionably a busy guy, so his note on being scheduled full up rings true, as does his comment about being a “straight up person” (even if it’s gotten him in trouble more than once). Consider this rumor fully debunked. (And Finke’s claims as to having two sources very suspect.)

Finke also reported that Chris Miller and Phil Lord (22 Jump Street, The LEGO Movie) took a look at the script and ultimately passed on it, which just might be the only actually true thing here, considering that news was widely reported weeks ago. She also mentioned something about how rumored director Ruben Fleischer is not truly in the mix here, thanks to the bust that was his Gangster Squad. Still, considering Finke’s batting average on this story (you know, low), we’ll take that one with a big grain of salt.

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