UPDATED: Microsoft Seeking to Buy Guillermo del Toro Video Game Project ‘Silent Hills’

By May 30, 2015

UPDATED 1pm PST: Xbox boss Phil Spencer has officially commented on these rumors, and for those hoping that SIlent Hills would find some new life, it looks like that isn’t the case after all. According to Spencer, he doesn’t know where the rumor started, and doesn’t want to “mislead” anyone.

Looks like, for now anyways, Silent Hills is still as dead as it has been for the last few months. That’s unfortunate.

Original Story: Recently, we told you the story of how film director Guillermo del Toro has been burned by many video game projects of his ultimately not coming to fruition. Now, though, his latest project that seemed to sting particularly badly may have a new lease on life.

According to sources from Rooster Teeth, Microsoft may be attempting to secure Silent Hills — the latest proposed game in the Silent Hill series and a collaboration between del Toro and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima — as an Xbox One exclusive title that the hardware and software manufacturer can then announce at this year’s E3 expo in Los Angeles. Originally meant as a PlayStation exclusive from Konami, Silent Hills released a demo last year called “P.T.,” or “Playable Teaser,” that dropped the unsuspecting player in a house that seems to be on an endless loop. As you walk through the same hallways again and again, the house begins to change in increasingly disturbing ways as you find things that cannot be explained.

Silent Hills was officially canceled by Konami after the video game publisher had a falling out with Kojima, and the two entities seem to be in the middle of dissolving their partnership ahead of the anticipated release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

According to Rooster Teeth, Silent Hills is roughly 80% complete, and Microsoft is apparently trying to secure the rights to finish and release the game exclusively for the Xbox One in time to make an official announcement at E3, which is just about two weeks away. Back in December, actor Norman Reedus, whose likeness was used in “P.T.” for the player character, stated in a reddit AMA that he hasn’t completed any of the necessary motion capture work, which he says would be “heavy.” The pulling of the “P.T.” demo from the PlayStation Network was apparently a sign of “good faith” on the part of Konami, who also have a vested interest in selling the game.

We’ll see if this pans out when Microsoft presents their Xbox media briefing at E3 this year, but fingers crossed that Silent Hills will actually live to see the light of day after all, and that it will still involve Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima.


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  • USAjoe

    I love Silent Hill, hope Microsoft buys it!

  • Andy Spears

    Damn, shame its just a rumor, would love some fresh life pumped into the awesome Silent Hill series 🙂

  • Sean L

    Thanks for updating and shedding light, am a bit disappointed its just a rumor though..

  • Mikey Silva

    the silent hill games are so fun and scary. Wish the rumors were true.

  • Daniel

    this just made me want to play through the older silent hill games again.. I do think they get worse with each one now, would of liked to see Microsoft buying it and adding some fresh ideas to the table..