Rumor: New Details On The Hulk’s Role In ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

By January 25, 2016

So, even though the script isn’t finished yet, it seems that the folks over at have got the inside track as to what’s going to go down in the latest installment of the Thor franchise, Thor: Ragnarok. Needless to say, we’re going to take this rumor with a big old pile of salt, because… well, you’ll see why in a minute. As a disclaimer, I am going to issue a spoiler warning on this one, as it is possible that some of this might be true. Although, honestly, I doubt it…

Spoiler Alert

According to the site, Marvel is basically set to bring the Planet Hulk storyline to the big screen, without actually bringing the Planet Hulk storyline to the big screen. The site claims that an inside source has told them, while the script is still being rewritten, the backbones of the story are remaining the same. They involve a plot by Loki and Hela (rumored to be the role the studio is trying to lockdown Cate Blanchett for) to take over the universe or whatever. When Thor finds out, Hela destroys Mjolnir and banishes Thor to a distant planet, where he is forced to fight. And who do you suppose he meets there? The Hulk, of course! Somehow the Hulk has managed to survive a trip to whatever planet this is, even though he only had a quinjet, and is now the current champion. But, the kicker is, that while he hasn’t been able to revert back to the Bruce Banner state, Banner and the Hulk are starting to meld, personality wise, so the Hulk recognizes Thor and their previous relationship. The two manage to break out and go on a quest for whatever Macguffin they’ll need to defeat Loki and Hela.

Does it sound hella cool? Absolutely! Is it going to happen? Absolutely not!

Look, there are no guarantees in this business, because things change all the time. Studios and actors hide the truth, for good reason. Not everyone needs or wants to know every minute detail of the film before going in. But in this case, I honestly can’t see it. The studio and everyone involved has time and again denied the plausibility of a Planet Hulk storyline and I believe them. There’s no reason for them to hide something that audiences have been clamoring for.

Besides, as the original article states, the script isn’t even done yet. For a film that just found its director, doesn’t have a finalized script and is just looking at casting, that’s an awful lot of detail they’ve got going on. Sorry, but I just don’t buy it.

Thor: Ragnarok is set for release on November 3, 2017.

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