Sad and Shocking Second Death Causes Cancellation of the 16th Season of French ‘Survivor’

By April 2, 2013

Did you even know that France had their own version of ‘Survivor’ called Koh Lanta? The 16th season, which was being filmed in Cambodia, is shaping up to cancel the show indefinitely.

Gerald Babin

Last week contestant, Gerald Babin died from a heart attack. 25-year-old Babin passed a physical exam before filming, and sources say that he complained of chest pain after competing in a tug-of-war challenge. He was clearly giving it his all.

Doctor Thierry Costa

The media blamed the show’s Doctor Thierry Costa, which resulted in the doctor taking his own life to escape public ridicule. He left a suicide note explaining he was distraught by “false accusations and assumptions” and also that he treated Babin as a, “patient and not a contestant”.

Treatment was withheld for 9 minutes, (though he was complaining of pain) so producers could finish the shot. You’d think that having a doctor treat someone for chest pain would be more compelling television than just a guy complaining of chest pain.

It seemed like it was a matter of time before people died on a show like, this but it’s incredibly sad nonetheless. This type of news may do nothing more than boost ratings for a show that already has over 7 million weekly viewers.

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Julia A.

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