‘Safe House’ Director Daniel Espinosa in Talks to Direct Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘Blood On Snow’

By March 5, 2014

If you only know director Daniel Espinosa from his work on the Ryan Reynolds/Denzel Washington film Safe House, you should seek out his 2010 film Snabba Cash (aka Easy Money): the Swedish director’s energetic film warns about the allure of wealth and the lengths some will go to in order to achieve it, and it proves he’s a filmmaker with abundant style. That style has made him a hot commodity in Hollywood, and his next project may team him with another hot commodity: Leonardo DiCaprio.


Deadline reports that Espinosa is in talks to direct Blood On Snow, a crime thriller based on Norwegian novelist Jo Nesbo’s upcoming novel, and that DiCaprio is eyeing the lead role of “a hit man who’s forced to go into hiding after he fails on a job and finds himself on the run with his intended target, who unfortunately happens to be his boss’s wife.” Anyone else feeling shades of the John Travolta/Uma Thurman storyline from Pulp Fiction in that description? Nesbo is publishing the book under the pseudonym “Tom Johansson,” and it’s apparently a two-book series (the first hits shelves this fall, and the next in spring of next year). You can bet Warner Bros. is going to try to stretch this into a new franchise if they can.

I was just talking about how Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro, and DiCaprio are three of the busiest guys in the industry, so don’t be completely surprised if Leo walks away from this project (or, more accurately, never fully attaches himself to it in the first place). After all, he just bailed on The Deep Blue Good-by because he apparently had too many things on his plate. So what’s the likelihood that DiCaprio rides this out all the way to the end? I’d say it’s slim at this point, but still: the prospect of Leo teaming with an up-and-coming, dynamic filmmaker like Espinosa is exciting. I hope it works out.

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  • Andrew L Gonzalez

    Yeah, this one might have true potential. Great idea if you can keep DiCaprio’s interest. I would definitely go.

  • Mack Felix

    I’m down! I liked Safe House and Leo can do just about anything, so why not?

  • William B Valencia

    The guy has a golden touch. Leo excels in anything he plays in also. There is no excuse for this to fail.