Salma Hayek to Voice Sassy Taco in Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Animated ‘Sausage Party’

By April 10, 2014

Salma Hayek is set to play a sassy taco on the big screen and, no, this is not the punchline to a weird joke or a subplot on South Park. Hayek will only voice the part for the animated outing Sausage Party, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – at least if you’re going literal with the food metaphors.

The film has been penned by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (along with Kyle Huner and Ariel Shaffir) – so it’s got a solid comedic pedigree – and will be directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan, who both have deep animated backgrounds (Vernon worked on the Shrek films, while Tiernan has a long history with a bunch of Thomas the Tank-based films). Sound family friendly? It will be rated R. Don’t take the kids.

Actors Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen

Deadline reports that Hayek is now set to star in the film as “Teresa,” a spicy taco who is just one of many delicious foodstuffs that populate the comedy. The supermarket-set film centers on a sausage – duh – who falls out of a shopping cart and embarks on a “quest to discover the truth about his existence.” Along the way, he makes lots of new friends and some raunchy hijinks are sure to be had. As fun and frisky as that plot sounds, it does come with a caveat – all the food needs to be back in its correct market space before a giant Fourth of July sales kicks off. Hijinks and a time limit and an R rating? Sold! (Also, should we be worried about seeing our new favorite characters get eaten?)

The film already has a very talented voice cast in place, one that includes Rogen and Goldberg, alongside James Franco, Jonah Hill, Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, Edward Norton, and David Krumholtz.

Sony is releasing the film and is reportedly looking for a 2015 release date.

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