Salvage Your Halloween With These Last-Minute Costume Ideas

By October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

It’s getting late, but you STILL don’t have a costume? Not a problem. Halloween isn’t just for the enthusiastic reveler or seasoned cosplayer – anyone can celebrate in style. Here are some last-minute costume ideas that’ll cost you less than $20 (if at all)!

The Charlie Brown “I Got A Rock” Ghost

Pretty self-explanatory: just take a sheet and cut a buttload of holes in it or if you plan to reuse that sheet (in which case you really ARE a cheap bastard), just cut two eyeholes and draw the rest on with marker. This is also a costume that can become a “family heirloom” you can hand down to your kids, siblings, etc.


DO NOT FORGET to ball up a couple pieces of grey paper for your “rock.”

DiGiorno’s Pizza Guy

If you’re truly in a bind and happen to own a blank shirt and white cap, simply write “PIZZA” on said shirt/cap and carry an empty box of DiGiorno. This one might be confusing to some people (remember the tagline, “it’s not delivery”), but at least it’ll be a conversation starter.



The “Shia LaBeouf”

You have so, SO MANY options here but the two I think will cost you next to nothing are…

I Am Not Famous Anymore (but I still need attention)


*Bonus points if you wear a tux.

I Am An Art Installation

For you sportos and pals that run in marathons on the regular, this’ll be easy for you to throw together…


*Bonus points if you manage to craft a “1337” runner tag.

Tommy Krul (a.k.a. “Apple Scarf Guy”)

“Yeah, yeah, Apple briefing, blah blah blah, iPhone 6 blah blah blah, hang on…who is THIS interesting specimen and WTF is up with his WONDERFUL scarf?”

When Apple chose Super Evil Megacorp‘s multiplayer mobile game “Vainglory” to demo the graphics capabilities of their (then) soon-to-be released iPhone 6, SEM’s co-founder/Chief Technical Officer Tommy Krul took the stage…spawning numerous memes and Twitter handles dedicated to his hypnotic infinity scarf.


This one’s fairly easy to pull off – just borrow an infinity scarf from someone OR take your scarf and either sew the ends together. Stapling the ends together is perfectly acceptable – just be sure to hide the staples in back, or don’t and you can be the “cheap knockoff Apple Scarf Guy.”

And as you can see, any color will do! I would say hold your phone at all times but as you’re probably reading this FROM your phone, so never mind!


*Bonus points if you are actually Dutch.

The “Avoid The Paparazzi”

Perhaps the CHEAPEST of the costumes is the “avoiding the paps” costume. Wear whatever you like and if you feel like it needs more douchebaggery, add sunglasses.


*Bonus points if you run by any camera in order to photobomb it and yell “NO PICTURES!”

And if these don’t do it for ya, here are a few tips from Adam Sandler!

If you decide to do any of these (or any other brilliant last-minute) costumes, post them in the comments! Be safe, and have fun tonight!

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