Sam Elliott is Nick Offerman’s Eagleton Equal in ‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 6

By July 29, 2013

Sam Elliott and Nick Offerman

The next season of “Parks and Recreation” is already shaping up to be interesting. The series’ fictional setting of Pawnee, Indiana has a long-standing feud with their more upscale neighboring town Eagleton, and later this year that feud escalates when Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) has to contend with her doppleganger in the snooty town, a guest role to be played by “Veronica Mars” and Forgetting Sarah Marshall star Kristen Bell.

Now the episode that will feature a Pawnee/Eagleton clash is getting a little more serious as TV Line reports Sam Elliott (The Big Lebowski) has signed on to play Eagleton’s version of Ron Swanson, the mustached man amongst men played by Nick Offerman. Elliott will feature in the same episode as Bell, which is slated to hit the air sometime in October.

There should be plenty of interesting developments this season after it was revealed that Ron’s serious girlfriend Diane (Lucy Lawless) was pregnant. Plus, Tom (Aziz Ansari) was getting ready to deal with some serious competition for his business Rent-a-Swag, Jerry (Jim O’Heir) had recently retired, and Chris (Rob Lowe) and Ann (Rashida Jones) decided to rekindle their romance after going through the motions of having a child together.

Will there be more dopplegangers rounded up to fill out the rest of Eagleton’s side of the parks department? Surely they must have their own April (Aubrey Plaza and Andy (Chris Pratt). Speaking of Andy, the writers or costume department might have to do some extra work for the character this season. Why? Well, just take a look below:

Chris Pratt - Before/After

As you can see, Pratt has been getting in serious shape for his heroic role in Marvel’s comic book adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy (check out our interview with the cast and director James Gunn from Comic-Con right here). Will the show attempt to explain Pratt’s new lean physique or just try to hide it? We’ll see.

The series is starting to get up there in the season count, and we just hope it doesn’t lose any flair like its mockumentary predecessor “The Office.” The NBC adaptation of the original BBC series from Ricky Gervais started to weaken in its sixth season, and never really recovered until the final season, which just ended this past May. While there’s no clear indicator this could be the last season of “Parks and Recreation,” it all depends on how the ratings turn out.

“Parks and Recreation” returns for season six on September 26th.

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