Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick to Star in Hitman Film ‘Mr. Right’

By May 5, 2014

By now, the hitman subgenre has pretty much been done to death, but occasionally you’ll find a quick-witted, slick, or otherwise entertaining riff on the standard tropes. (Lucky Number Slevin and In Bruges immediately come to mind.) Now Chronicle writer Max Landis (above) is trying his hand at writing a film within that subgenre, and Deadline reports the movie will be called Mr. Right. By itself, that news is interesting because of Landis’ ability to transcend the genre with Chronicle (which has earned tremendous geek cred in the couple of years since its release), but it wouldn’t necessarily give me a reason to jump for joy.


But you can consider me airborne at this point, because the other part of the story is that the film will be headlined by Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick. Rockwell is always stellar, and he recently played one of my favorite movie characters of the past decade in The Way, Way Back. Kendrick breathes such great life into her roles, and though she’s known for Pitch Perfect and lighter fare along those lines, she was also nominated for an Oscar for her work in Up in the Air.

According to Deadline, “Kendrick will play a woman whose bad luck streak at finding lasting love seems to end when she meets Mr. Right. That’s until she discovers he is a reformed hit man. When his dark past catches up, their fledgling relationship is tested as they try to save one another.”

Anna Kendrick

These two actors are some of the most charismatic performers I can think of, and seeing them fire off dialogue scripted by Landis should be really cool to see. The film is being directed by Tokarev helmer Paco Cabezas (nope, I’ve never heard of him either), so we’ll see what kind of style he can bring to the proceedings, but with the passionate Landis, Rockwell, and Kendrick all working together, this could be something really special.

Are you excited to see this one? Let us know below!

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