Samsung Unveils “Galaxy Gear” Smartwatch

By September 4, 2013

During today’s media briefing at Consumer Electronics Unlimited show (IFA 13) in Berlin, Samsung unveiled their newest toy. Dubbed “Galaxy Gear,” this Samsung watch has a 1.63-inch touch display, 800MHz custom CPU, 512 MB of RAM, gyroscope, accelerometer and boasts a life of 25 hours on a single charge.

samsung watch

It’ll also wirelessly connect to the Galaxy Note 3 (which was also unveiled today) so you can make phone calls on your wrist as well as manage your email, texts, event calendar, notifications, music and (thanks to a 1.9 megapixel camera in the strap) can take and transmit photos.

Engadget got hands-on time with the Galaxy Gear, so here’s a taste of what you can expect.

Samsung’s really stoked about their first-gen device and managed to beat Apple’s version of the smartwatch, the iWatch, to the market. Pranav Mistry, Head of Samsung’s Think Tank Team said today that “We have created something incredible…welcome to the future.”

But here’s the thing…I hear it’s priced out at $299 and I don’t like Samsung enough to shell out THAT much for a friggin’ WATCH. If I see you sporting one once they hit the shelves in 149 countries on September 25 or when they go worldwide in October, I won’t laugh at you…but if you’re gonna shell out THAT much for one of these things, I’m gonna make you show me EVERY facet.

As for me, if I wanna pretend to be Inspector Gadget or Dick Tracy, I’ll just play with my watch that’s also an herb grinder.

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