San Diego Comic-Con Survival Kit

By July 5, 2012

San Diego Comic-Con’s fast approaching, and you’re going to need a survival kit if you plan to make it through. Here are the top ten list of things you’re going to need to survive Comic-Con.

10.  WATCH the new Spiderman.  If you ain’t seen it, you can’t convincingly argue Garfield vs. Maguire, stem cell experimentation or the dark undertones of the film.

9.  PACK your five best con-Ts.  Come on, you can’t show up sans the quipiest garb!  Ts need to be freshly washed, accessorized and ready for action.

8.  CARRY a sharpie.  Need I say more?

7.  SMOOTH ON some chapstick.  It’s dry in those halls folks, so keep your smackers hydrated!

And speaking of hydration…

6.  PLAN for the inevitable and semi-perpetual hangover.  Your kit should include:  water, Gatorade, Advil, Emergen-C power, a Twinkie or Ho Hos, breath mints and a hat.

5.  PLAN your Stan time.  The main man will be kicking it all over the convention so if you’re missing out on the legend… there’s only one person to blame.  All together now:  Excelsior!

4.  DON’T COUNT on your phone, ipad, laptop or anything else really working in the halls.  Preplan meet-up and mingle spots or you may be left hanging solo.

3.  SNACK frequently.  Con-food is insanely overpriced and tasteless.  Some suggestions of snacks that pack well:  Fruit-Roll-ups and power bars.

2.  CHARGE your electronic devices! Pack an extra charger, charge at night, charge whenever you can, and don’t let your juice run out.  Dead phone = epic con FAIL!

And what is the number CON ESSENTIAL?  You tell me!

1.  Fill in the blank and leave your comment below!

I’ll pick my fav – and you’ll get a GeekNation Con Survival Kit sent to you!

See you all next week!

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