San Diego Comic Fest Goes Back To Basics

By October 20, 2014

When a small group of comic book fans founded San Diego Comic-Con back in 1969, they had no idea it’d be the cultural explosion it is today. Armed with that knowledge, co-founder Mike Towry decided San Diego needed a second convention that went back to the basics that he and his fellow co-founders created in SDCC.

Enter San Diego Comic Fest.

Created in 2012, SDCF is an all-volunteer con (and they’re actually happy to be there and happy to help) but the best thing about it is the ROOM. No shoving, no elbows, no one giving you attitude because you’re lingering at a vendor – a far cry from what SDCC has become.

The volunteers were friendly and had a sense of humor.


And most importantly (although I LOVE you folks and your AMAZING gear), there’s no danger of being poked in the eyes, ears, face, or butt by some bit of cosplayer’s gear!

But the cosplayers I DID find were ADORABLE.


This little Winter Soldier likes to cosplay – I also saw a pic of him as a little Star-Lord! So cute!


This year’s Comic Fest was held at Town and Country Resort, where the festival theme was “The Twilight Zone” and one of the dining rooms was converted into “The Twilight Zone Cafe,” complete with displays from a few of the show’s well-known episodes.




But that wasn’t the only bit of big news: the guest of honor this year was none other than Neal Adams (below) of Superman, Batman: Odyssey, Avengers: Kree/Skull War (and more) fame along with a centennial celebration held for Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, attended by Siegel’s daughter, Laura Siegel Larson, and the man who will always be Jimmy Olsen to me, Marc McClure from the “Christopher Reeve” era Superman film franchise.


The only celebrities there were the ones that counted – the artists and creators of some of my favorite things ever, being awesome and inclusive to everyone. There were no “exclusive parties” or any of that crap that makes me loathe SDCC. With a smaller number of panels (of which I sat on two), it made for a chill weekend where it wasn’t unusual to see 15 people sitting down and casually eating together before heading out to do whatever they chose.



The panels…what can I say about the panels? They were about things attendees actually WANTED to know: “writing for animation vs writing for comic books” and the like. My panel was about breaking into podcasting, and I was so glad we had people who REALLY wanted to know how to get started or how to improve upon what they already have!


I can honestly say that within 20 minutes of being at San Diego Comic Fest, I knew I was going to like this WAY better than Comic-Con. It was great to see artists and sculptors on hand casually creating amazing works of art right before your eyes!



I bought my first piece of original art created at the festival: a painting of my husband, Captain America. I feel so grown up to own art!

I’ve also purchased the most important shirt I’ll ever own…I should’ve bought 40 of these. Haha.


I’ll definitely be back next year!

For info and more festival pics, hit SDCF’s official website!

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