‘Say Anything’ TV Series Was in the Works, But Cameron Crowe Has Stopped It

By October 7, 2014

In this age of obsessive nostalgia and revisiting everything we loved in the past, it’s no surprise to hear that 20th Century Fox Television was trying to turn the hit ’80s romance Say Anything into a TV series for the next generation. But it had one hell of an opponent trying to stop it.

Yesterday, Deadline reported that Fox was working with Kapital Entertainment to bring a single-camera comedy series to life that would continue the story of Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) ten years after the events of the original film where a happy ending just wasn’t in the cards. Diane (Ione Skye) has dumped Lloyd and left him behind, but suddenly she returns home, prompting Lloyd to win her back and reboot his life.

Regardless of the fact that rebooting your life shouldn’t include winning back the girl who dumped you after you played Peter Gabriel outside of her window with a boombox, this just sounds like a bad idea all around. And both the film’s director Cameron Crowe and star John Cusack thought the same. They took to Twitter with the following updates:



In fact, a follow-up report from Deadline revealed that Crowe was not notified of this series adaptation of his 1989 film. Crowe’s representatives say that he might not have been opposed to the project if he had been contacted about it, but was rather taken aback by the existence of it without his prior knowledge, and so he set out to stop it from being made.

Thankfully, when Kapital Entertainment learned that the script, which would have been written by Justin Adler, had been put together without consulting Crowe first, both the production banner and the writer pulled out of the project. And now Fox has decided to pull the plug completely in good faith, saying that they intended to get Crowe involved, but somehow word hadn’t made it to the filmmaker that it was happening yet.

Well, we’re very happy to hear this project isn’t moving forward, at least for now. This film is best left alone, and doesn’t need to be revisited in this capacity at all, unless Cameron Crowe himself has a good way to bring Lloyd Dobler back into the mix. But even then, we’d be pretty skeptical about picking up the boombox again.

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