‘Dexter’ Recap: “Scar Tissue”

By July 22, 2013

Has Dexter found the Brain Surgeon? Will Deb ever be able to forgive her brother? And what is Dr. Vogel’s end game?

Dr. Vogel takes Deb back to the shipping crate where she killed LaGuerta, forcing her to confront and re-live the event. She reimagines it, witnessing herself kill Dexter instead. Vogel tries to convince Deb that she did the right thing; after all, she was merely being a good sister. Deb remains unconvinced. Back at her apartment, Vogel shows Deb a tape of a conversation she once had with Harry whilst he wrestled with doubts about Dexter and the code.

Dexter vets Yates, the next killer on Vogel’s list. As he observes him from across the street, Dexter notices that Yates has a scar on the back of his head…right where the Brain Surgeon’s victims have been cut. He goes to see Vogel, irritated that she left out such an important detail; Yates had once had brain surgery to remove a legion that Vogel believed was contributing to his violent tendencies.

Vogel tells Dexter that Deb may not be able to handle having him in her life. He balks; he “needs” her. Vogel remains unconvinced that Dexter can have normal human needs or feel legitimate love; rather, she thinks that Dexter had been using Deb’s positive image of him to counterbalance his own perception that he is a monster.

Dexter returns to Yates’ house, where he finds unpaired women’s shoes in the closet. He calls Vogel, sure he’s found the brain surgeon, but Vogel assures him that Yates could easily have changed his M.O. Unbeknownst to Dexter, Yates is watching him on the security cameras…and listening to his conversation. Back at the office, Dexter runs the prints he found on the shoes, and discovers they belong to several missing women.

At Batista’s bar, Quinn gets in a fight with a pair of cops who are bad-mouthing Deb. With a sigh, Jamie drags him out, and Batista is forced to offer the other two men drinks on the house. The next morning, Captain Matthews corners Batista; though Quinn has passed the sergeant’s exam, so has Angie Miller. Matthews strongly suggests Batista choose Miller instead. Batista confronts Quinn; if he wants to be promoted, he needs to prove he’s capable of staying calm.

A pretty girl named Niki comes into Masuka’s office. As per usual, Masuka begins to flirt with her (badly), but then she drops the bomb: she’s his daughter from a college sperm donation. He’s completely shocked, but he realizes it must be true; she has his eyes (and, dare we say…a bit of his trademark laugh?).

Dexter returns to Yates’ house, only to find it empty, his trophies gone. In the basement, he finds a “cut by numbers guide” to brain surgery, specimen jars…and one of the missing girls, bleeding in a cabinet. She’s unconscious, but alive – the pressure of being stuffed inside the small space kept her wound from bleeding out – and he brings her to the hospital.

Dexter pays Vogel a visit, where they peruse the files on Yates’ computer. Somehow, he has gotten ahold of her patient notes…including a document on her recent observations of Dexter. Dexter is furious – is she simply studying him?

Meanwhile, Deb makes a disturbing find: a DVD containing a different conversation between Vogel and her father, where Harry admits that he believes the Code was a terrible mistake.

Dexter decides to play on Yates’ weakness – his love for his father. He calls Yates and informs him that his father is dying; Yates hurries down to the nursing home. When Dexter reveals himself, however, Yates surprises him by pulling out his father’s breathing tube, and using the medical emergency as an opportunity to get away. Dexter cannot conceive of himself as being just like Yates; his family is “not a prop,” and his love for Deb is real.

Deb comes to the station and asks Dexter to take a ride with her. She asks him to tell her the truth; did Harry kill himself? Dexter reveals that he did, and Deb grabs the wheel, telling Dexter that Harry “only got it half right.” She jerks the car toward the water, and they plunge in. A man pulls Deb out, saving her life. Deb watches as the car sinks, taking Dexter with it. She goes back in, saving Dexter at the last minute.