Scarlett Johansson Is 2016’s Biggest Box Office Draw

By December 29, 2016

Captain America: Civil War will end 2016 as the world’s biggest movie with just under $1.2 billion in ticket sales. And with that, two of its stars have also been named the year’s biggest box office draws.

But who is No. 1? It’s actually not Captain America himself Chris Evans, according to Forbes. Instead, it’s none other than his co-star, Scarlett Johansson, whose work attracted a cool $1.2 billion total compared to Evans’ $1.15 billion.

Johansson was pushed over the top thanks to her role in Hail, Caesar, a film from the Coen Brothers that attracted $64.1 million globally. But because Evans didn’t have a film like that, Hail, Caesar was just enough to give Johansson the title.

The New York-born actress led the four women that appeared on the list, which included Margot Robbie at No. 4 for Suicide Squad and Legend of Tarzan, Amy Adams at No. 5 with $1.04 billion for not only Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice but also The Arrival, and Rogue One star Felicity Jones at No. 9 with $805 million.

They filled in the gaps of stars that are almost entirely from superhero films, including Robert Downey Jr. tied for No. 2 with Evans for Civil War, Ben Affleck at No. 6 for both Batman v. Superman and The Accountant, his Superman co-star Henry Cavill at No. 7 with $870 million, and Deadpool‘s Ryan Reynolds at No. 8 with $820 million.

Rounding out the list was one-time top box office draw Will Smith, re-joining the list thanks to the $775 million draw he brought in for Suicide Squad.

Forbes says it calculated the list using 2016 global ticket sales of films released this year as of Dec. 27, and only counted films where the actors were top-billed, or had the most screen time. They excluded animated movies where only their voices were used, which is why films like Finding Dory nor Zootopia were included on the list.

The financial magazine also shared that this will likely end up being the biggest box office year in history with a total of $11.3 billion. Three films have crossed the $1 billion mark this year globally – Civil WarFinding Dory and Zootopia – while Rogue One already is No. 11 on the global list with just under $600 million despite just coming out some two weeks ago.

Rogue One has now grossed $340.6 million in 12 days, according to The Numbers, moving it to No. 7 on the domestic list, eyeing the top three. To get there, it will have to beat the $368.3 million box office of The Secret Life of Pets, something Rogue One might actually be able to do by the time the final weekend of the year starts.

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