SDCC ’13: A Few Of My Favorite Things

By July 10, 2013

Ahhh the wonder that is San Diego Comic Con…

Seasoned vet or rookie, we all have our SDCC “must sees”…these are just a few of my favorite things I look forward to every year!


In any way, shape or form. Even the ones who embody the spirit of the character but were on a budget (like trash bag Iron Man)…then there’s the kids that go all out and hit every minute detail. And although you may not see their faces, for one glorious weekend, they’re friggin’ ROCK STARS.

This guy

Okay, I’m not gonna lie – Stan Lee makes me blush and giggle like a little schoolgirl, YET I HAVE STILL NEVER MET THE MAN.  After FINALLY meeting Joss Whedon this year, I have a feeling this is my year to meet the Generalissimo.

The celebs WHO GET IT.

There are celebs who look CLEARLY out of place at comic book conventions and then there are those who not only GET IT, but are huge geeks themselves and embrace everything that is right and good about events like SDCC.

Booths (on and off the show floor)

Booths are always a sight to behold for everyone; whether it be a straight-up no frills comic book vendor booth or the full-blown booths that have all the bells and whistles. Either way, they all have some kind of SDCC exclusive item OR you can get your hands on something you’ve been wanting for years (and usually at a REALLY good price). EVERY year, I make a specific list of booths I MUST visit and [adult swim] is ALWAYS on the top of that list. This year, they have the funhouse! WOO!

Anything Star Wars

Not even kidding. I have a slight obsession with Star Wars…especially stormtroopers. Kenner always comes through with an action figure standee that attendees can get inside and pose to their heart’s desire. Last year was Darth Vader (which I sadly MISSED) but I cherish them still.

(I’d also like to note I am wearing an Adidas Star Wars stormtrooper jacket in these pics)


It’s got COMIC in the title, so if you don’t come home from SDCC without a comic book, I will have to shame you. With so many indie labels out there challenging the big two (DC and Marvel), there’s NO EXCUSE to not peruses some titles. And do yourself a favor and hang out in Artist’s Alley – you may meet some hopeful who’ll turn out to be the next Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Bob Kane…take your pick!


I am a social animal and love love love reuniting with old friends (some who come in from other countries) who I can only see once a year as well as make new friends! SDCC provides that luxury where there’s no such thing as “Too nerdy to function,” there’s someone for EVERYone here.

That SAID, I must go back to wading though my plethora of emails and schedule appointments…I gotta work, too.

But like Einstein says “Work hard. Play hard. Don’t forget to have fun.”

See you next week, darlings.

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