SDCC ’13 Recap: ‘Bates Motel’ Panel

By July 20, 2013

Hot off of a recent Emmy nomination, Vera Farmiga – who plays Norma Bates – appeared as one of seven total members of the cast and crew of A&E’s “Bates Motel” at today’s Comic-Con panel.

The panel opened with only six individuals; Freddy Highmore, who plays Norman Bates on the show, was missing.

A conversation about where the missing actor is between the moderator and panel members leads into a video about the whereabouts of the missing actor.

The video begins in the Bates Motel writer’s room and depicts Highmore slowly descending into a Norman Bates-esque rage, ending at the famous Psycho house on the Universal Studios backlot where the young actor, covered in blood, ends up frightening a tram full of tourists.

Calrton Cuse, executive producer of the show (and former executive producer of “Lost”), discussed the homages that the show plays to the original film, and what fans can expect to see in the upcoming season. “Norman’s going to be doing taxidermy again…bigger animals this year.” Despite the homages that will be present, he made it clear that the Bernard Hermann’s well-known score will probably not making any appearances. Certain aspects of the original work have been omitted because the creators of the show aim to create their own universe, in which fans are totally immersed, rather than continually including homages that may just act as distractions which remove the viewer from the world in which the series exists.

The new season also promises new romances for both Norma and Norman. But, as Cuse puts it “not with each other…not yet anyway.”

Farmiga herself pitched a storyline that will be featured in the second season, the only clue of which Cuse has stated is “sandman.” Interesting…

Speaking as a HUGE fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece Psycho, I had definite hesitations about the show. After hearing the cast and crew talk about both the first and upcoming seasons, I will definitely be sure to check it out. Season 2 of “Bates Motel” will return to A&E in 2014.

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Amanda Story

Amanda Story

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