SDCC ’13 Recap: ‘Community’ Panel

By July 21, 2013

The panel begins with a montage of clips from previous seasons, interspersed with “hoorays” directed at the renewal of the show after it narrowly escaped cancellation.

As the video fades out, the crowd bursts into thunderous applause as Iron Man takes the stage. The head of the homemade Iron Man suit is removed to reveal Dan Harmon, creator of the show.

Chris Hardwick, nerd extraordinaire and Nerdist founder, moderated the panel and was joined by Harmon as well as multiple members of the cast. (Joel McHale, who is away filming a movie, sent in a recorded black and white video as Harmon’s “father,” tying it all together in typical “Community” fashion with a reference to Howard Stark.)

Season 5 will return…sometime soon. No definite date yet, but in the meantime you can catch reruns of previous episodes on Comedy Central, as well as pick up season four on DVD on August 4th.

Harmon revealed little about the upcoming season, mostly because nothing really seems to be written for it yet. It has been revealed that the upcoming season will feature an animated episode, though. Harmon did state that the show will begin to return to the organically developing stories featured in earlier seasons. “That’s not a very Comic-Con thing to say…get ready for grounded story work!” Harmon exclaimed.

Chris Hardwick isn’t worried, though; he gleefully stated “‘Community’ is definitely the nerdiest show on television.” And with Harmon now back in control after a season away, he could be right.

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Amanda Story

Amanda Story

Amanda is a GeekNation contributor who lives in Los Angeles.