#SDCC 2012 Was Awesome! (Recap w/ Pics)

By July 17, 2012

If your Comic-Con weekend was anything like mine, your feet are sore, your Advil jar is empty and your voice is gone.  However, whatever physical ailments I may be suffering at the moment… this year I had one of the best weekends ever! Seems I somehow spent the perfect amount of time working, playing and catching up with friends.  On Thursday when I arrived, I immediately hit the show floor, as I feared this would be my only chance to check out the digs!  As usual, I was completely blown away with the ingenuity and attention given by the big players to impress… well… to impress us!

One highlight was the “Hall of Armor’s” display for Marvel, where Tony Stark’s new suit of armor was unveiled for “Iron Man 3”.  The new design has an overall dulled gold color scheme, which was a bit different, and the suit seems to take a different approach in terms of design.  As a huge fan of the Ironman franchise, I’m stoked director Shane Black has commenced principle photography on the next installment!  The new suit is supposedly going to be based on elements from the “Extremis” storyline and personally, I think it looks kick-ass!

The rest of Thursday was filled with a couple panels I’d been asked to sit on, and catching up with some friends (including a noon-time cheers with Action Chick and Jennifer Stuller of GeekGirlCon)!  Thursday night I was happy to contribute an episode of Five by Five to Chris Gore’s World record-breaking podcast event.  After, I pedicabed it over to meet my ladies Julie Benz and Jaime Murray for some much needed sustenance and vino!

Jaime Murray, me & Julie Benz

Friday kicked off with a trip on the TV Guide yacht with the cast of Defiance, where I actually got to try my hand at the Defiance game; Trion Worlds and SyFy’s multiplayer online role-playing game, which will parallel SyFy’s show Defiance, essentially creating two entries into one world.  Set in the near, western-like future, the game and show operate around the building of a new society, encompassing several races, on a transformed planet earth.  What’s really interesting is the concept of the show and the game influencing each other across their respective mediums – which to my knowledge has never been executed before.

NOTE: This pic is funny because I’ve got my game face on, and apparently my “game face” looks stoned, but I assure you I am not!

Of course I’m also bias – but I’m stoked about this new SyFy offering!  Also worthy of note – SyFy created a strong, pronounced and smart presence at SDCC this year… I’m expecting more quality from this network.

Friday night was our amazing party with Roddenberry Entertainment!  What can I say?  Rod Roddenberry, Trevor Roth and my main boy Tory Mell are just purely awesome guys – and we had the best time party planning with them!  Trevor overlooked no details, and even the Greek statuettes in the Fluxx entrance were dressed in Star Trek shirts.

Me & the awesome Trevor Roth!

One personal highlight of the evening was hearing about J. Michael Straczynski’s big announcement just a few hours early… I’ve always been a big fan of J Michael, so I was absolutely thrilled to hear he and Patricia Tallman are launching their own studio, STUDIO JMS!  STUDIO JMS is seriously off to the races, with several projects in development, across several different mediums.  One standout project currently in development for STARZ is Vlad Dracula, described as “a unique spin on the classic tale and a blending of historical facts of the 15th century Prince of Wallachia with the fictional character Dracula”. The potential series would trace the character’s evolution from a revered ruler to the world’s most feared vampire and his slow downfall as he struggles to hold on to his humanity, wife and kingdom.  Sounds awesome!

Saturday morning I took full advantage of our hotel’s breakfast buffet before making my way to pick up the lovely Fiona Gubelmann from Wilfred.  We cruised around in a pedicab chatting, letting the breeze blow our golden locks, while she filled me in on anything and everything Wilfred!  What an amazing way to connect with different artists.  Throughout the day I got to interview Fiona, Bret Davern from Awkward, Marisa Quinn and Amadou Ly from Twilight, my main man Eddie McClintock from Warehouse 13 as well as several other actors.  Towards the end of the day I snagged David Glasser, COO of Weinstein Company in the cab!  Besides being accosted by a roaming gnome with a sliding flute, pitching a movie about pirates and zombies – I got to hear about any and all Django happenings!  Be sure to catch David’s interview, as he’s got his paws in any and everything Weinstein, and he gives some great tips and pointers to upcoming writers and producers.

Peddicabbin’ it with the marvelous David Glasser!

Saturday night included more debauchery than is appropriate to write – so I’ll just let you fill in the mental blanks with images of me enjoying myself all over the gas lamp district!  If you caught me at any of the parties with your camera, feel free to send them to me!

Sunday I woke up solely focused on the Buffy Turns 20 panel.  I was so stoked to get such an amazing group together from the three mediums of the Buffy brand!  Randall Batinkoff represented the movie, Nicholas Brendon, James Marsters, and Jane Espenson from the show and the comics, and Scott Allie and Georges Jeanty also from the comics.  The amazing and lovely Kristy Swanson stopped production on her film in Vancouver to Skype in – and unfortunately and ironically, in a room full of 4,000 geeks and nerds, we still had technical difficulties.  We missed you Kristy, and so appreciate your efforts!

The panel was amazing and we will be posting it to GeekNation very soon! You can watch the promo video that we played during the panel HERE.

Backstage I also ran into the awesome Kevin Smith, who I’ve always been a huge fan of.  We passed the panel moderator torch and snapped a pic… love you Kevin!  After I tweeted the pic, a suggestion was made to podcast each other and I totally agree!  Kevin, Five by Five… I gotta make it happen.

Comic-Con, albeit continuing to be a debuting ground for studios, proved to once again be a place of connection between artists.  Seems to me this year the Con hit the perfect blend between industry, pop-culture, ingenuity and creative fostering of young artists.  Thanks to everyone who personally made it one of my favorite weekends!  xoxo

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