SDCC 2012: Fringe Panel Recap

By July 15, 2012

It’s the final season of Fringe, and the fans are to thank. In grey fedoras handed out at the doors, hundreds of convention goers hold up pictures of white tulips.

It’s a love affair for the actors, and it’s ending. Jasika Nicole begins to cry as she recounts her favorite scene–one of Anna Torv’s. Before long, both women are crying, and tissues are brought to the stage. Lance Reddick is in tears as he recounts watching an Astrid-centric scene. It is one of the few he’s viewed, for he rarely watches his own work.

John Noble breaks the cycle of tears with his deadpan wit. His favorite, most moving scenes involve epic violence. Joshua Jackson, wearing a grey fedora of his own, does not tear up until mid-way through his answer, breaking his promise not to cry.

Despite the tears, good humor abounds. Anna is asked what she has learned, and it is “to come.” She repeated this several times, and does not realize her accidental innuendo until the entire audience is roaring with laughter. She is mortified, but John won’t let it go, making cracks about “coming” throughout the panel.

Joshua has had an unfortunate pants-wetting incident, and John eagerly whips out his camera to take embarrassing photos.

The possibility of continuing Fringe through comics is discussed, and Joshua gives a rousing endorsement of fan fiction, calling it another way for the universe to live on. Jasika and Anna have read some of it, and Jasika jokingly chastises the fans for their scandalous work. Unfortunately, she claims, she and Anna have not yet had time to shoot these scenes.

The actors take their final bow, and it is over, leaving renewed energy, great satisfaction, and a hint of nostalgia in the panel’s wake.

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