See Sundance 2013’s Short Films Via “The Screening Room”

By January 18, 2013

Wanna feel like you’re at the Sundance Film Festival from the comfort of your desk, home or wherever?

No problem!

The Sundance Institute-curated YouTube channel, The Screening Room, gives folks a chance to be a part of the action by offering up 12 short films and the four YouTube Original Shorts (including a Geeknation fave, Husbands) screening at this year’s festival!

The channel’s blurb describes themselves as “Intensely personal, outrageously funny, fantastically abstract…the possibilities within the short film form are limitless. The Screening Room, presented by Sundance Institute, puts exciting talent on display with work that takes risks and explores our world. We strive to find films that tell vibrant tales—vivid fiction, powerful true stories, and inspired animation all have a home here.”

And boy, do they EVER!

I went through the 12 films and chose 3 that stood out for me and I think you’ll like ’em, too; ESPECIALLY the first offering – Catnip: Egress To Oblivion?

Written and directed by Jason Willis, this film hilariously explores the REAL scientific effects of catnip with the look and feel of an anti-marijuana propaganda film from the 60’s. I don’t even own a cat but after watching this twice (and laughing till I choked) – I’d be damn surprised if this short goes home empty handed.


The dude even took the time to write ACTUAL stories for the newspaper clippings, man! THAT’S dedication.

Then there’s When The Zombies Come

Matt Ryckman demonstrating how a tiller can be used as a weapon in When The Zombies Come.

Directed by Jon Hurst, When The Zombies Come is a clever documentary short about what happens when employees at an ACE Hardware store in the middle of nowhere have FAR too much time on their hands and MASSIVE fans of The Walking Dead.


“I don’t know if you’ve ever eaten off a Green Egg but the sh*t is delicious” – BEST QUOTE EVER. I don’t know where the hell they found Matt Ryckman but that guy is gonna be my new best friend.

 Anyone else think he kinda looks like Jake Gyllenhaal?

My final selection is called What Do We Have In Our Pockets? Directed by Goran Dukic, this sweet stop-motion animation love story is easily relatable by anyone who has that one friend that YOU KNOW will always have gum, mints, loose change, little travel kits or any other odd thing in their pockets/purses.


I love it because I TOTALLY identify with friends asking me why “I have so much weird sh*t in my purse” but stop busting balls when they realize I have something they need…

And there you have it, my top 3 short films! There’s 9 other shorts and 4 YouTube Original Shorts awaiting your perusal, so head on over to The Screening Room and enjoy!

Sundance Film Festival runs from Jan 17-Jan 27th; for more info on tickets and festival schedule, visit the official website.

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