See The New ‘Batman V Superman’ Footage From Last Night’s CW Special

By January 20, 2016

If you’re like me you missed the CW special Dawn of the Justice League last night and afterwards furiously refreshed your browser to see that sweet new Suicide Squad trailer. In such excitement it’s easy to forget they were also supposed to show a new look at  Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Thanks, glorious internet. (Seriously, what did we do before you? Tape stuff?)

Favorite part? That smile Batfleck throws at Superman while wearing the armor suit. Affleck says in the featurette this is an older, darker, more world-weary Batman and I can’t wait to see just how dark. Some rumors out there that he’s a borderline sadist and if that’s the case; bring it. The cold never bothered me anyway. Sometimes, life as the manager of Fashionable Male just does things to a man.

What did you think of the new footage GeekNation? Can you believe this flick is only two months away!?!?

Stay tuned to GeekNation for more updates because you know we love our Batman V Superman. Here’s the articles on the Suicide Squad trailer and Wonder Woman footage for you to dig into.

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Mike Holtz
Mike Holtz is just a guy looking for any excuse to talk movies and needs to be able to give people a legitimate reason to spend what they spend on popcorn each month. The Dad to a superhero little girl with another on the way, Mike's also written for a few cool websites and talked for a few more. Also, Mike cries like a school girl every time he watches 'Rocky.'
  • Naptown

    Can’t wait for all the Affleck haters to eat their words when he nails the crap out of the role of The Batman!!! I’m saying now that he’s gonna be the best Batman/Bruce Wayne we’ve had yet!! (Outside of Adam West, of course). 😉

    • AaROK

      Yeah, just like how he nailed it with Dare Devil….

      • Naptown

        Oh, come on! Daredevil was AGES ago!! Not to mention that movie would have been a disaster no matter who played Daredevil! LOL. That movie was junk any way you look at it!!

        • AaROK

          Can’t argue with that…lol

  • JRM

    Forget Affleck. He’ll be fine as Batman. It’s Eisenberg’s impression of Jim Carey doing the Riddler I am not fond of.

  • johnTnash

    Not loving the digitized voice they’re using with BatBen.

  • Briant Laslo

    slight note for the article, Ben Affleck doesn’t say that “this is an older, darker, more worldly Batman”… He says “this is an older, darker more world-weary Batman”… That’s a significant difference.

  • Jimi Albert

    Why is it so hard for an actor to play Lex Luthor? I’m already dreading Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal.

    • Doom_II

      He’s clearly playing Mark Zuckerberg as a DC villian named Lex Luthor. I’ll see this but Suicide Squad looks 10x cooler.

  • Allen

    Looks cute but it won’t be a pimple on Civil Wars butt and DC knows this, which is why it moved up the release date so they won’t have to try to compete.

  • vaughn holloway

    just wish they could have given Bale whatever he wanted to reprise the role, Affleck doesn’t do it for me,

    • Troy Adamson

      I couldn’t stand Bale as Batman. Better to have Clooney with his nipple suit back than Bale.

    • foxhound20071980

      no Bale was only good in Batman Begins but in the TDK and TDKR he was average, the villains took the spotlight more than he did.

      • asdf

        i disagree

  • chrisward

    Well, if you wanted to know the entire plot point-for-point, beat-for beat, this video is for you.

    • Slippin’ Joey

      I’m glad you saw the movie and let us know.

  • A Neighbor

    To address a few points that are brought up. 1) I remember when they announced Heath Ledger as the Joker and how pissed everyone was. “He was some hollywood pretty boy, how was he going to play such a dark character like the Joker?” I think we know how that turned out so I’m giving Jesse Eisenberg the benefit of the doubt. No one likes change or something different than what they’re used to. Wait for the movie and give him a chance. 2) I like the darker story. The happy-go-lucky, comedy schtick that Marvel has used for their movies is fine and dandy, but I want the gritty. An older Batman reminds me of the comic series “Kingdom Come” when Bruce and Clark are veeerrrryyy world-weary but they come together anyway. 3) Let’s let Marvel be Marvel and DC be DC. If they both did the same thing then nerds everywhere would be up in arms that one just copied the other. DC and Marvel can be very different at times so having different ideas about how to adapt a film is perfect.