‘Serial’ TV Show in the Works From Phil Lord & Chris Miller

By September 30, 2015

The This American Life podcast, Serial, quickly became a pop culture phenomenon during its first season, as listeners became more and more enthralled and connected to the real-life case of Adnan Syed that host Sarah Koenig was telling. The combination of its unique narrative form, consumable format, and brilliant narration all came together in a way that is almost impossible to recreate.

However, as audiences patiently wait to hear the next season of Serial, I think we all knew it was only a matter of time until Hollywood tried to create some kind of TV show or film based on the Serial story. That time has finally come, but fortunately for fans, it seems like they might actually be able to take it as good news.

THR is reporting that filmmaking duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller (21 & 22 Jump Street, The Lego Movie) have pitched a new TV series based on the Serial podcast. The report states that the duo have optioned the rights to the podcast, and will be working to develop the show with Fox 21 Television Studios. However, unlike some might think, the series will not follow the same Adnan Syed case that the first season of Serial did, and while plot details are being kept under wraps for the time being – the report states that their goal is  “to create a cable series based on the experience of making the hugely successful podcast.”

Koenig and her producers from This American Life reportedly “sparked” to Lord and Miller’s idea for the series, and the team will begin pitching the series to cable networks once the series has locked down a writer or team of writers. This news comes just off the recent rumors that Serial season 2 will be focusing on the case of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the Army soldier who went missing during his tour in Afghanistan and was tortured by the Taliban.

Lord and Miller have become two of the most exciting creative forces in the industry over the past few years with their work on films like the 21 & 22 Jump Street, The Lego Movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and their current work on the highly-anticipated Young Han Solo Star Wars film. They also serve as executive producers on the Will Forte-led Last Man on Earth, which just premiered its second season late last week, and is one of the most critically well-received comedies on TV right now.

Considering Lord and Miller’s unique style of storytelling, and the immersive quality of the Serial story, it’ll be interesting to see what the final project for the show ends up looking like. Lord and Miller have proven they can move between genres better than even some veteran filmmakers, so if anyone was going to be doing the inevitable Serial TV series – I’m glad it’s them.

The Serial TV show is in the works right now.

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  • David Johnson

    So is season 2 going to try & make Bergdahl a victim? He deserted his post & was planning on a walk about of Afghanistan & Pakistan dressed in his Army uniform & was turned over to the Taliban. 6 Service Personnel were killed while they searched for him! Bet the true story never gets made into a hollywood movie!!