Seth Rogen & Aziz Ansari Try to Promote New Netflix Stand-Up Special

By September 24, 2013

Aziz Ansari and Seth Rogen

Normally, we don’t write much about trailers to promote new shows and movies here at GeekNation – we often let them speak for themselves in our trailers section – but when it comes to some promising comedy, we’ll make an exception. As we reported last month, comedian Aziz Ansari will debut his new stand-up special, “Buried Alive,” exclusively on Netflix on November 1st, and now we have video of how he and Seth Rogen decided to put the special on the streaming service.

Rogen and Ansari are no strangers to collaboration after they both starred in the apocalyptic summer comedy This is The End, though the latter wasn’t on screen for very long. Plus, the two are just now coming off roasting renaissance man James Franco on Comedy Central. So just what did they try to come up with in order to get the word out about Ansari’s new special? Well, it involves Bugles and Toaster Strudel:

Hot on the heels of Mike Birbiglia’s debut of “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend” (a transcendent piece of comedy that you should watch on Netflix Intant right now), Ansari’s special is the next big piece of original programming Netflix is throwing out there. It’s a whole new venture following their success with the revival of “Arrested Development” and brand new shows like “House of Cards” (nominated for Best Drama Series at the Emmys, despite losing to “Breaking Bad”) and “Orange is the New Black.”

Ansari currently has his previous specials “Dangerously Delicious” and “Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening” on Netflix right now, not to mention the NBC series “Parks & Recreation,” which features the comedian as a series regular. There’s no doubt Ansari’s comedy special is going to turn even more viewers onto his brand of humor, and Netflix is continuing to rise as an entertainment provider, giving cable networks a run for their money.

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