Updated: Shane Black Attached to Direct ‘Predator’ Sequel

By June 25, 2014

Update: Collider got in touch with Black, who told them that the new take on the movie isn’t a reboot, but a sequel. He and writer Fred Dekker reportedly like “the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology” with an “inventive sequel”, instead of “hitting the restart button.” “Why start over, when you’ve all this rich mythology left to mine?” Black wonders. As long as he’s involved, we’re pretty much down with whatever he comes up with. Original story follows.

After the superb Kiss Kiss Bang Bang failed to find much of an audience outside of the cinephile crowd, it was great to see writer/director Shane Black get another shot at the big time when he was called on to direct Iron Man 3. That movie made a tremendous amount of money at the box office, seemingly buying Black an opportunity to basically make whatever he wants. Now it looks like he may have found his next project, and it’s a property that’s already had a big impact on his career: THR says that Black could direct a reboot of Predator for 20th Century Fox.

Right now, Black has signed on to write the treatment for the reboot before he passes the screenwriting job off to his long-time friend and previous collaborator Fred Dekker, with whom he co-wrote the 1987 film Monster Squad (Dekker directed that film). Black will oversee the writing process and is currently attached to direct, but as we’ve seen before, being “attached” and following through with a project are two entirely different things. I imagine chances are better than average that Black will stick with this project, though, considering his history with this franchise: he was pursued by the studio to rewrite the original Predator, and though he turned down that particular job, he made his acting debut with a small role in the film.

Shane Black Predator

Black is juggling a few more projects in development (the long-in-the-works Doc Savage being one of them), but I’m guessing he could bring something interesting to a Predator reboot. It’s not like the idea is the most original thing in the world – basically, guys fight invisible aliens in the jungle – and I’m sure he could bring a spark to it that Predators, the most recent Schwarzenegger-less sequel from 2010, severely lacked. We’ll be keeping our eyes on this one.

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