‘Sherlock’ Season 4’s First Two Episode Titles Revealed

By September 26, 2016

This year, production on the highly-anticipated fourth season of Sherlock finally wrapped, with the wait until the season’s eventual premiere being even more difficult for fans ever since the release of a grim San Diego Comic-Con teaser trailer. Following the release of the first official images from the upcoming season as well, it looks like our first clues of what we can expect the new season to be about have finally arrived as well.

That’s right, the first two episode titles from the upcoming three-installment fourth season have been revealed, and they’re just as mysterious and exciting as everything else we’ve heard and seen from the new season.

Now for those of you more die hard Sherlock fans out there, these two titles may sound a bit familiar to you, though before we go too far into what the two revealed titles we should issue of a possible spoiler warning for those of you out there looking to avoid as many details about the upcoming season as possible.

Now, to start, “The Lying Detective” obviously refers to Benedict Cumberbatch’s title character, and is rumored to be a possible spin on the famous Arthur Conan Doyle story, “The Adventures of the Dying Detective,” which saw Sherlock pretending to contract a fake illness in order to force a confession out of an unstable murderer. In typical Sherlock Holmes fashion, of course.

Meanwhile, “The Six Thatchers” is also rumored to be based off “The Adventure of the Six Napoleons” in which Sherlock and Watson investigated a murder connected to the destruction of six busts of the famous French military leader, though the episode title suggests that the vandalism could instead be targeted towards six statues of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

During a fan Q&A recently as well, Benedict Cumberbatch said that “Oh boy you have got a lot coming to you in episode 3!” which means that the wait for the third episode, the title of which was likely kept secret in order to avoid as many spoilers as humanly possible from the new season, is probably going to be an excruciating one for fans. Though, when it comes to Sherlock, excruciatingly long waits are part of the deal.

Sherlock season 4 will premiere sometime in 2017.

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