Shots Fired: Marvel Comics’ Writer Dan Slott Responds To Fanboys Angry Over ‘Supergirl’ Teaser

By May 14, 2015

Just because you work at Marvel DOESN’T mean you can’t enjoy the world of DC, too; and Marvel comic book writer Dan Slott (The Amazing Spider-Man) tweeted he liked the recently released teaser for the upcoming CBS show, “Supergirl.” But then the angry fanboys emerged…

If you haven’t yet, be sure to watch the “Supergirl” first look released by CBS.

To be honest, this didn’t really ring MY bell and made me kind of sad…but not enough to jump on the good ol’ internet and yell “THIS SUCKS,” (because it’s not THAT terrible). Apparently a lot of guys DID, though — calling it “too girly,” (among other things) and a side-by-side comparison of said trailer to last weekend’s SNL digital short starring Scarlett Johansson for a Black Widow standalone film trailer parody emerged.

I don’t wanna be a butt, but yeah — REALLY similar. (Press “play” on both at same time or watch one at a time – your choice!)

YouTube Doubler


Well, Slott (above) doesn’t want to hear it and said as such last night on Twitter:

With people wanting Joss Whedon’s head on a pike LAST week after Avengers: Age Of Ultron opened in theaters accusing him of being misogynist over the Black Widow storyline and complaints about “Supergirl” THIS week…man. THAT SAID, it also leads me to wonder what his answer would’ve been if the lion’s share of the complaints came from fanGIRLS instead of guys?

We have a PLETHORA of comic book movies and TV shows (both animated and live action) with even MORE on the way – maybe we should revel in that for a few minutes. Remember the 90s? You want to deal with THAT dry spell again? Because I sure as #$%% don’t!

What did YOU think of the “Supergirl” teaser? Is it too saccharine sweet or just the right amount of sass?

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  • paulnomad

    I loved her dorky laugh. Yes the whole thing was fairly cookie cutter, but i liked the tone and the beats and i think they are onto something.

  • KeithAdams

    I like what the show is going for! It’s not too silly, not too serious, just the right balance. While the other DCTVU shows are going for a darker tone (with the exception of “The Flash”, which can get dark, but not too dark), “Supergirl” looks to be the lighter, more family friendly fare that’s different from the others. The fanboys need to chill out!

    • The new trailer that came out today definitely focused more on the tougher superhero image as well. So we’ll see where it goes.

  • Cricket Lee

    I hope it’s not going to be TOO “SaTC” but I’ll reserve further judgment till I see a couple episodes

  • Popcorn_Wizard

    i’ll always reserve judgement until i see it. but the silly factor was a bit much.

    • Agreed. Have you seen the new trailer?

      • Popcorn_Wizard

        yes. that’s why i need to remind myself to reserve judgement!