Kamikaze Comedy

It’s the photo-bombing of comedy! Watch as a variety of comedians literally kamikaze every day people in every day situations with live stand up comedy. You never know what these comedians will say and how people will react. It’s comedy raw, wild & uncut!

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A new episode of Kamikaze Comedy airs every Friday on GeekNation.


  • JEN

    ahahaha I love it! Kamikaze, it just fits the concept so well

  • ShotCaller200

    I wonder who will be the main honcho doing this

  • scene GIRL

    are we gonna get some big comedians in on Kamikaze?

  • SamanthaEspinoza

    ahaha the photo bombing of comedy?? is it gonna be scary?

  • MarkJCreech

    srsly this is going to be the BOMBBB

  • Josh Pireson

    Jamie’s back!!