Mix Tape with Mukta Mohan

L.A.’s DJ of the year and music aficionado, Mukta Mohan, invites the hottest bands around to join her for an interview and intimate music session. In each episode, a new band gets to pick the cover of their choice that fits with that season’s theme. At the end of each season, the songs are compiled into a mix tape that you can download right off of GeekNation.com!

Coming Soon!

  • YAmendola

    mixtapes are everywhere these days you cant go on twitter without seeing a ton of people promoting thiers lol

  • Thomas

    that’s super cool

  • DHaywood

    lol its like a small unofficial release of some sorts!

  • parental advisory

    freaking awesome

  • Jameson

    Mukta is a genius for this one

  • steeeeeeeve

    this makes my day (:

  • David Black

    I love you Mukta! can’t wait for this, awesome idea for a show! 🙂