Red Baroness Warrior Single Lady

When you’re a warrior single lady, love is truly a battlefield. This new comedy follows a strong barbaric woman, Red, who has been blessed by the Goddess of Revenge with great powers, including the best sword in all the land, with one condition: that she may only lay with a man who can beat her in a fair fight. So she hasn’t been laid in years. Ugh!

Created by Andie Bolt
Written by Andie Bolt, Ben Siemon & Matt Pollock
Directed by Matthew Pollock
Photo by Robin Von Swank

Watch Now

A new episode of Red Baroness Warrior Single Lady airs every Wednesday on GeekNation.


  • So excited to bring Red to Geek Nation! Subscribe today and tell your friends! Season one coming soon!

    • We’re so excited to have you, Andie! You are beyond talented and hilarious and we’re honored that you chose GeekNation as a home for Red Baroness.

  • Yesssss this rocks! Go Andie and Ben!

    • Thanks for your support, Amy! Enjoy the show!

  • Rick Mann

    Just discovered you thanks to Bonnie & Xander and their show on ShopXSN. Funny!

    • Jack Saat

      LOL same here 🙂