Take Five With Clare Kramer

Clare Kramer (“Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” Big Ass Spider) and her celebrity guests “Take 5” to talk about what’s going on in their lives, careers, and the world in general.

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  • Christopher D Wellborn

    Clare, I think I love you. Great little interview show, thanks for doing. BTW, I’ve been a die-hard fan going all the way back to Bring it On!

  • Nancy A Roller

    really great interview

  • Sean L

    My favorite online show of the minute 😉

  • I have a weakness for strong bad women. Probably why I keep getting divorced. I love bad women. Nobody has been badder than Glory. And damn if they didn’t find the PERFECT actress to play her. Glory was glorious. She was a better bad woman than even the Evil Queen from OUAT. Badder than any evil queen.. in anything. She was GLORY. And it was glorious. Not only because of how well she played the role, but because of how freaking hard it is to play a supernatural being of any kind. You have nothing from your life to draw on as an actor. I tried to play a master vampire once, and I failed utterly. So, I have serious respect for someone that can not only play a God, but nail it. I have no idea how you do that.