Tweet Out

Tweet Out is an interactive web show that allows fans to connect with their favorite celebs and ask questions to find out just a little bit more about what makes them tick.

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    • Michael D Johnston

      You mentioned two of the ones I watched. LOL The Seamus Deever from Castle was really good as well. Ver fun concept!

  • Colt Howard

    Love these! I’ve been watching every one going all the way back to Stan!

  • Christopher D Wellborn

    I going to have to say: Stan is my favorite thus far! I also enjoyed the Being Human cast, despite not watching the show.

  • Susan P Graham

    Genius. It’s always fun watching a celeb respond to a fan – This just takes it to a whole new level. It’s just fun…I had Al Gore respond to me once and I was over the moon. very cool.

  • Michael D Johnston

    STAN! That was really cool. The Being Human was very funny. Julie Benz, smokin’ hot! James Marsters…I knew he was a musician, bit he’s actually good. I didn’t expect it. These are fun, keep ‘em coming!

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