Showtime is Planning a Standalone Streaming Subscription Soon Too

By March 11, 2015

Following the big news earlier this week that HBO’s new standalone streaming service would be available next month exclusively on Apple TV, it looks like Showtime will be joining them with their own streaming service too.

Variety reports CBS Corporation head honcho Les Moonves was speaking at the Deutsche Bank Securities 2015 Media, Internet & Telecom Conference this morning and revealed that Showtime will be delivering their own streaming service sometime “in the not-too-distant future.” He adds that “the floodgate is now open” for these kinds of services adding, “The days of the 500 channel universe are over.”

That’s quite a bold proclamation from one of the executives who have stood so firmly behind the cable business model, but it’s clear that the television distribution channels are changing, and with some time, cable subscriptions will be a thing of the past, paving the way for more and more over-the-top (OTT) content and services.

Showtime Anytime

As of now, there’s no indication as to when this streaming service for Showtime might be available, but we’d bet that before the end of 2015 it could happen. Moonves said they’re already in discussions with “the normal suspects” about getting this new endeavor off the ground. He even sweetens up to Apple a bit by giving HBO kudos for pairing their service with Apple TV, “What a great platform to introduce your OTT service.”

Showtime may not be as popular as HBO, but they still have great shows like “Homeland,” “Penny Dreadful,” and “Masters of Sex” that fans are interested in seeing without being tethered to cable. There’s going to be plenty of cord-cutting in the future for sure. However, there’s a chance that people will have to pay just as much for several individual channel’s content as they do for a total cable package, so we’ll see how these services evolve over time.

It’s not going to be an overnight change, and cable probably still has years of life left as Moonves says, “The days of the 150-channel universe in the home are not necessarily over but they’re changing rapidly. People are slicing it and dicing it in different ways.” Undoubtedly the television game is changing, and channels like Showtime and HBO are leading the way for many more to come. Who will be next?

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Ethan Anderton
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    next thing you know all the big channels will have their own stream subscriptionss

  • lexus

    now that’s worth a subscription

  • M o L l Y

    showtime over hbo anyday

  • OliverH

    those posers..

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    really now?? lol things are getting heated

  • steeeeeeeve

    showtime and hbo coming out with this?? I wonder who will “win”

  • Willie

    might consider this since I’ve been through netflix way too much

  • Brenda

    why haven’t other channels done this before?

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    hmm hbo or sho??

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    my mom is going to be all over this i know it

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    mehh its better to just get uverse with everything!