Sigh: Bruce Campbell Now Says ‘Army of Darkness 2’ is “All Internet B.S.”

By November 5, 2013

Bruce Campbell Ash 1

There has been enough Evil Dead hype over the past few months to turn regular fans into Deadites, so I’ll run through it all just in case you missed a few “developments” here and there. At the SXSW premiere of the Evil Dead remake, director Fede Alvarez told the crowd that a sequel to his remake was in the works. Then there was talk of an Army of Darkness 2, which would continue the adventures of Bruce Campbell’s Ash character from the original movies. Alvarez announced tentative plans to merge the two franchises into a final, seventh film, which naturally got a lot of fans excited. Adding to the excitement, Campbell later promised he’d appear in Army of Darkness 2, and last Monday, Alvarez tweeted that Sam Raimi would be directing Army of Darkness 2.

Rodo Sayagues, the co-writer of the remake, recently said in an interview that he and Fede Alvarez were no longer attached to an Evil Dead 2 remake. BUT THEN, just a few days ago, Alvarez took to Twitter to say that he and Sayagues actually ARE still involved with a sequel, but that the priority was on Raimi’s Army of Darkness 2 right now.

I’m exhausted.

And now, after all of that, Bruce Campbell himself has gone on the record and said that Army of Darkness 2 is “all internet B.S.” Uh, what? We’ll let Bruce explain himself, courtesy of Shock Till You Drop:

So Campbell obviously has a point about there being a lot of misinformation online. When sites breathlessly report every single tiny rumor as news, stuff like that is going to happen. (At GeekNation, we try to keep that to a minimum – or at least we contextualize those rumors so they’re a starting point for a discussion about a particular actor or film franchise.)

Bruce Campbell Ash 2

But Bruce ain’t getting off that easy. I can see how he’d be frustrated with misinformation being spread around. That’s totally understandable. But when he is the source of that “internet B.S,” then he doesn’t get to take the high road anymore. Not cool, man. You’re basically telling your fans and sites like this one that we can’t trust what you say – and I’m sorry, but when the star/producer of one of the biggest cult classic horror franchises says something about being involved with a new movie, that’s not rumor: that’s legitimate news.

Not to mention the fact that when the interviewer in that video asked about Alvarez’s involvement with an Evil Dead 2 remake, Campbell said the director had moved on. That clearly goes against what Alvarez himself said when he pointed out that he and Sayagues are still attached. (Just because they’re not making it their next film doesn’t mean they can’t eventually come back to Evil Dead 2.) Seems like somebody isn’t telling the truth here, so we’ll have to see what comes of all this talk when and if a new Army of Darkness and/or Evil Dead remake eventually hits theaters.

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