Sigourney Weaver on Learning About the New ‘Alien’ Film

By March 6, 2015

We’re still kind of reeling from the news that Neill Blomkamp (District 9Chappie) will be directing a fifth installment of the solo Alien film franchise. From showing a series of speculative original art works, to actually finding out that 20th Century Fox would be hiring him, it seems like the studio must’ve been very enthusiastic for his proposed project in order to move things along so quickly. Someone else who was enthusiastic was the series’ star, Sigourney Weaver.

Weaver, who collaborated with Blomkamp on his latest film Chappie, related to The Hollywood Reporter the story of how Blomkamp first relayed his interest in the Alien franchise to her, and how he was hoping she would be involved. At the red carpet premiere for Chappie, Weaver told THR that her realization about Alien‘s future bring in Blomkamp’s hands came up in a low-key conversation rather than a studio negotiating table while shooting their new film. She said,

It was really organic — we were just chatting about the movie every day on the set of the weapons factory [for Chappie] it was a real weapons factory. I finally said, ‘Yeah, yeah, you know it’s a pity we didn’t really finish the story. It’s such a good story, it’s really loved.’ I said, ‘I should probably talk to Jim Cameron about that.’ And he said, ‘Don’t talk to Jim Cameron about that, talk to me about that.’ So we kept talking about it.

From there, the rest of the story came together rather quickly. Blomkamp posts a few of his Alien concept drawings online, some time goes by, and before we know it, he’s the official director for the fifth Alien film, and the first one to be released in the franchise in nearly 20 years. While it was initially thought that Blomkamp’s new film would disregard the third and fourth films in the series, he recently said that this would not be the case, but that we can instead look forward to a film that’s very “connected” to 1979’s Alien and 1986’s Aliens.

Chappie opens in theaters today, and there’s not currently any release information for the upcoming Alien 5. For more on the film as it develops, keep an eye on GeekNation!

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Chris Clow
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  • David Johnson

    This is going to take a Powerful Screenwriter!!!!

  • extraterrestrial

    I hope they don’t butcher the story like a lot of the new movies do these days

  • Thomas

    yess this is going to be the best Alien yet

  • steeeeeeeve

    I’ve been waiting for the next one for so long, I hope Weaver doesn’t let us down he seems real committed

  • Mikey Silva

    A new alien film would be good, I hope its not made all “collegey” and pop culturey like the newer Alien Vs Predators are!