‘Silence’ Image Reveals First Look at Liam Neeson in Martin Scorsese’s Newest Project

By November 16, 2015

Martin Scorsese is one of those directors whose name alone can sell audiences on a film. In an age where most movies’ success depends on their brand recognition too, Scorsese is one of those few filmmakers who has crafted enough of a legacy, that his films can still sell themselves. After making one hell of a statement with 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street too, the director proved once and for all that he was still capable of making the kind of films that put him on the map in the first place.

However, his next film, Silence, looks to be an interesting follow-up to Wall Street, where the latter was set in the familiar, contemporary Wall Street/New York setting, Silence is a period piece dealing with religious themes and stories in a way that not many other legendary filmmakers like Scorsese are dealing with much nowadays.

A new image from the film has been released online as well, giving audiences their first look at Liam Neeson’s character, and showcases the actor’s 30 pound weight loss for the role as well. Check it out below:
liam-neeson-silence-imageAlongside Neeson, the film boasts an incredible ensemble cast as well including Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Ciaran Hinds, and more. The film follows the story of two Jesuit priests (Garfield and Driver) in the seventeenth century, who travel to Japan looking to find their mentor (Neeson), and face persecution and violence while struggling to spread the gospel of Christianity.

This also comes following Variety‘s recent report that the film’s producers were looking to premiere the film at next year’s Cannes International Film Festival in France, which could provide the movie with some serious awards buzz depending on its reception in the following months. Much like the image released of Garfield in the film as well, the images boast an interesting tropical and rugged landscape that could help to differentiate it from some of Scorsese’s other urban work. After years and years of scheduling conflicts and production troubles too, it looks like Silence is finally on its way to a theatrical release, and as someone who’s remained a die hard Scorsese fan for as long as I can remember, I look forward to seeing what the legendary director has in store for us this time around.

Silence is set to hit theatres in 2016.

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