‘Silicon Valley’ Season 3 Teaser Faceplants Its Final Offer

By February 11, 2016

The world’s clumsiest tech geniuses are back.

After solidifying itself as one of television’s funniest comedies, HBO’s Silicon Valley is on the verge of returning for its third season later this year, bringing back the entire Pied Piper crew, along with some of the more memorable supporting players from the previous seasons as well.

The first trailer for the third season made its debut online recently as well, and in case you thought Richard might finally be able to stop tripping himself up this time around, you might want to keep holding your breath. Check it out below:

I’ll be honest, aside from creating the greatest dick joke in the history of comedy, I wasn’t left raving about Silicon Valley‘s first season. I thought it was funny, sure, and it’s cast was phenomenal, but there wasn’t anything about it that made me anticipate a new episode each week.

Then I started watching the second season last year, and I found myself slowly falling in love with the series. I don’t even know if season two did anything all that much better than the first, but its safe to say that Silicon Valley is one of my favorite comedies on television right now. Seeing Richard try and cement his power in the corporate world this season should prove to be just as entertaining as his past two endeavors as well, and dammit if Middleditch doesn’t completely pull off the physical comedy of that last scene.

The third season of Silicon Valley is set to premiere on HBO on Sunday, April 24th.

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