‘Sin City’ TV Series Could Happen After Upcoming Sequel

By November 30, 2013

Welly well well…


We’ve been waiting since 2005 for a sequel worthy of the first Sin City and now that we’re (HOPEFULLY) getting that in the form of the Frank Miller/Robert Rodriguez directed Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (with Miller writing, of course) in August 2014, attentions are now turning toward the possibility of a TV show based on the Sin City series.

In an interview, Harvey Weinstein told the New York Times they have some irons in the fire with Dimension including an MTV series based on the Scream franchise AND working with Frank Darabont (“The Walking Dead”, The Shawshank Redemption) on a mini-series based on the Stephen King novel The Mist, which Darabont and author Stephen King turned into a film back in 2007. Since Darabont originally wanted the film to be shown in B&W (it wasn’t), maybe he’ll be able to finally present the story the way he saw it from the beginning.

But back to the proposed “Sin City” TV series.

There’s no word if the show will come from the pages of Miller’s graphic novel, if Miller will create new stories, or if Rodriguez is even attached.

IF Rodriguez signs on as producer, will he take his sweet ass time like he does with everything else (*cough* NINE YEARS FOR Sin City SEQUEL *cough*) or will he be completely overwhelmed because he puts WAY too much on his plate to get things done in a timely manner?

What I DO know at this point is Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is slated for release August 22, 2014.

Stay tuned.

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